My Baby Shower


Has it really been 3 months since I've written a blog post?

I'm not gonna lie...I was tampering with the idea of just shutting down the blog since I've obviously been neglecting it but I'm glad I changed my mind because now I can share all the amazing details of my BEAUTIFUL BABY SHOWER with you all:)

This past Sunday Baby girl Scarlett and I were showered with all things pink thanks to the hard work of my mom, my sisters, my mother in law and my best girl frands.

The shower was held at the same country club where my surprise sweet sixteen was held.


As Mike and I were walking up the front ramp to enter the building I stopped and told him to wait a second.

I was having a total deja vu.

About 12 years ago I was walking into the same building to celebrate being sixteen by dancing, drinking mountain dew and laughing with friends.

Today I was walking in with a 32 week pregnant belly ready to shower my baby girl with gifts!


When I walked through the doors there was an explosion of all things PINK....just was I envisioned!
It was beautiful and I can't thank the ladies who threw this event enough for their hard work!!!

Check out all the amazing details....

Adorable gift for Scarlett from my dad:)

 Mom, me and my mother in law Irene:)

With my mom and sissys:)

Nana P!

College roomie love<3

FYI this tutu headband combo was handmade by my sister, Brittney!!!
She is opening her Etsy shop this week and I will be sharing the info on here and instagram so all you mamas can check it out!!!


  1. glad you are back! love love love the favors and the cute sign in art. you look adorable!!

  2. So glad you're back- you've been missed! :) So glad I get to see that adorable belly of yours. Your friends did a BEAUTIFUL job with your shower- I especially loved the little wine bottle favors. P.S. Where did you get your dress? I can't find cute maternity clothes anywhere!

  3. glad you're back to blogging! missed you friend! love that dress!! and your fam did such a good job with the shower, everything is awesome!

  4. Hey Shannon!! Welcome back girl!! Everything looks so darn cute! Congrats again!! <333 ;)


  5. Everything looked amazing, especially that cake!

  6. DON'T SHUT DOWN. :) Looks like a good shower and some good loot.

  7. All of the details look so cute, especially that cake! :)
    You're looking really great as well, girl!

  8. Looks great Shannon! And I'm glad to see you're back!! Hope the pregnancy has been going well :)

  9. they did a fantastic job! I love all of the pretty details.

  10. Wow, your shower was absolutely adorable Shannon! I love the "wish box" and the little minis of wine. Such cute ideas. You look great!

  11. Oh my how I love it all... mini wines & that cute little note goodness how I love it :)

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