How We Found Out...

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a planner.

I like to have dinner plans in my calendar a week in advance and if I've already "planned" to stay at home on Saturday night and watch Netflix in my pajamas, those "plans" aren't changing.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm creative.

I love surprising people and I love creating memories with well-thought out gifts and ideas.

December was the month that I had a strong feeling we were going to find out that we were having a baby.
I kept my strong feelings to myself and didn't share with Mike because my mind was already starting to spin with fun ideas to tell him he was going to be a dad.

One day in mid December while out Christmas shopping I decided to swing by the baby section and pick up a couple Boston sports onesies.

Suddenly my creative plan started taking form.

I did the math and figured out that I'd be able to take a pregnancy test on December 24th.

CHRISTMAS EVE?? What is more perfect than that?
Anyone who knows me also knows that I am Christmas-obsessed.

I went home with my 2 onesies and put them in a Christmas box and tucked them away in the spare bedroom closet. 
For the next 10 days I acted normal and didn't let Mike in on any of my baby suspicions.

Christmas EVE EVE rolled around and my baby suspicions were beginning to feel even more real!
I was starting to feel very very tired and could barely pull myself together to wrap Christmas presents.
I headed out to meet my friend Melissa for coffee and swung by Walgreens first to pick up a box of tests.

My planning mind was working over-time.

I knew exactly what I was going to do.
I would wake up early on Christmas Eve, take the test and then write Mike a letter to go along with the onesies. The letter would be on 2 pages and on the 2nd page he'd see the words "You're going to be a dad" written boldly in size 48 font.
I'd wrap up the package and place it in the back behind the Christmas tree and pull it out after we were all done opening presents.
Maybe I'd even video tape him opening it and make him read it outloud!

This plan was genius!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that my well-thought-out plans never pan out the way I want.

I woke up on Christmas Eve morning, rushed into the bathroom to take the test and set the timer on my iphone.
Mike was still asleep in the bedroom since he had the day off and I didn't want him walking in and ruining everything!

The timer went off after what felt like an eternity and I looked down at the test.


I couldn't believe it.
Suddenly in normal Shann fashion I was in a terrible mood.
This ruined my whole plan. 

I went along with my day as normal as I could and even got into a few Holly Jolly arguments with Mike about how to clean the house properly and to stay out of the kitchen while I was trying to cook Christmas Eve appetizers. I couldn't help it....I hate when my plans get ruined.

I reassured myself that I still had one more chance to take a test....on Christmas morning. 
That was the new plan.

We went to my parent's annual Christmas eve party and I even told myself to enjoy a couple glasses of Merlot since those would probably be my last for a while. So that's just what I did.

I opened my eyes on Christmas morning and rushed to the bathroom to take another test.
Same drill....


I wanted to cry but I couldn't let this bring me down.
It was Christmas afterall- my favorite holiday and favorite day of the whole year.

I still had that "feeling" since that day in mid-December and I knew I was right about this!!!

Fast Forward to 3 days later

I had no more "plan" 
I had now taken 4 tests that all showed up negative and I was starting to lose hope.

My college roommate Whitney was heading up to visit me for the night.
At this point I had to say something to Mike. I was ready to explode from holding this stress inside.

We were sitting on the couch waiting for Whitney to arrive and making plans to meet a bunch of friends out for dinner that evening. 
I told Mike everything that had happened in the last week.
I told him he'd have to help me sneak around at dinner and drink my alcoholic beverages for me.
I told him not to get too excited though because things hadn't been going as planned for me when it came to all of this!

He smiled and told me he would help me sneak around and not to stress myself out.

We woke up on December 30th
ready to pack and head up to North Conway, NH to ring in 2014 with all of our closest friends. We had been looking forward to this trip for months and I wasn't going to let anything bring us down! 

I rolled over in bed and shoved Mike to make sure he was awake and told him we had lots to do that day and lots to pack before making the 2 hour drive up north.

I slowly walked to the bathroom, splashed water on my face and decided to take one last test.
I stared out the window as I waited for the time to pass.

I looked down at the test...


I rubbed my eyes and looked at it closer.
I looked at myself in the mirror and out loud said "NO FREAKING WAY."

I brought the test into the bedroom and handed it to Mike.

He rolled over to grab his glasses off the nightstand and looked up.

"Well wouldya look at that? It's positive." he said.

He put up his hand to give me a high-five.

This was never part of my plan.
He was supposed to be shocked by all of this and maybe he'd even shed a tear and we'd have it all on video. He wasn't supposed to be EXPECTING this and giving me a high five! 

I high fived him back and pulled the Christmas box out of the closet and threw it at him.

"This was supposed to be one of your Christmas presents." I said

He opened up the onesies and made a stupid joke about how he didn't think they were going to fit.

We laughed and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

Anyone who knows us knows this day was perfect.
It was better than any plan I could have ever come up with.


  1. This is so sweet!! I think it's also your first lesson in the fact that babies don't care about your plans and do their own thing, haha! That's been the hardest for my control freak personality but I'm learning to embrace it :)

  2. Aww I love this!! I'm such a planner too & things like this hardly ever go the way they're supposed to for me either! So happy for you guys though!! Such an exciting time!!

  3. Love this!!!! I'm guilty of plan plan planning too...but sometimes, God just lets us know that He has something else in mind. :)

  4. I love this however I am sorry sweet girl that it did not go as planned sadly but it all worked out in the end :) I am so happy for you both!

  5. This is just too funny! It just goes to show that things NEVER go as planned when it comes to kids. Lol

  6. This is so sweet, congratulations!

  7. This is seriously adorable!! Congratulations on the little one headed your way!

  8. I am a planner. I am creative. I am obsessed with Christmas. I have an idea in my head of surprising my future husband like you had. So you're basically telling me that's not at all going to happen? Yup. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

  9. hahah wow you ARE quite the planner!! I love his reaction and that he wanted to high five you hahaha too funny!!
    Seeing that word on that stick is a pretty awesome feeling. :) So happy for you!!!

  10. haha I love this! I am a planner too and can totally relate. I'm also impressed that you took so many tests- I probably would've given up after #3! So happy for you guys and what an exciting time :)!!



  11. You are adorable! And can I say, this is me too. I am such a planner :) We are in that "ready-to-make-a-baby" stage and my mind of COURSE goes to how I'd surprise my hubby, what holiday would it possibly fall on. Haha. Cute story mama to be :)

  12. Congratulations! Get ready for plans to change on you a lot, but it is totally worth it

  13. I love your story!!! :) I think my favorite part was when you said "holly jolly arguments." I'm sorry that you had to have said holly jolly arguments, but ultimately I'm glad things worked out for you. I know what you mean about one more test. It's like if they're here, I couldn't help it. If I thought it was possible...I'd just wait another day (I mean, duh. Make myself spend $25 next month)

  14. so cute and so funny, even if it didn't go according to plan! i guess that's just a lesson for you since once you have kids most plans go out the window! LOL!

  15. I have a similar story! my plans kept going awry, so finally I just told him!

  16. Cute story! Congratulations!

  17. Hahaha I love this! Sometimes the best things don't go as planned. ;) That's so cool that you knew though! I'm so happy for you!


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