A Friendsgiving Post...Better Late than Never!

So it's no secret that the holiday season, work and the Hallmark channel have gotten the best of me lately!

I've had no time to post on this blog when I just want to spend all my free time watching cheesy, low-definition Christmas movies starring D list celebs.

But today I'd like to FINALLY share the details of our first annual Friendsgiving:)

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Mike and I hosted 10 of our closest friends for a cozy non-Turkey dinner.

We drank wine, laughed, ate some yummy food, drank more wine, played a few rounds of Saucy Charades, drank more wine and capped the night off by watching the Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Special.

Needless to say I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from the comfort of my bed while pouring water and ibuprofen down my throat until noon time.

Friendsgiving - 1
Shann - 0

Here are some photos of the decor that I laid out for my lovely guests...please excuse the iPhone photos...my camera battery was dead that day and my cat had JUST left a dead mouse on the dining room floor for me....another story for another day:)

I found this gold and black wrapping paper at Target pretty cheap and the LED candles were leftover from the cake table at our wedding:)

This chalkboard was a steal!!
$12.99 at the Burlington Coat Factory!

The "kids" table was actually my brother in law's beer pong table that I covered in brown craft paper then topped with the same wrapping paper mentioned above.

Here is the invitation I designed for the big event!

The first year was a success! 
Can't wait to continue this tradition every year with all of our friends:)


  1. So cute! I am so sad we didn't do a friendsgiving this year! We definitely will be next year!

  2. I love the set up! Really pretty :)

  3. So fun! We too just had our first Friendsgiving and will definitely be doing it again next year! Glad y'all had a great time!! :)

  4. So much fun!! I can't wait for me and my boyfriend to have our own place next year so that we can do this!

  5. Love the idea behind this! And having an invitation makes it extra adorable :)

  6. everything looks so good. Great idea's for your tables with the wrapping paper


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