Free Thanksgiving Chalkboard Printable

It's about that time, lovelies!

Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and all it's deliciousness.

This past weekend I said goodbye to Halloween and packed up all of my spooky decor and sent the box labeled "Halloween" to it's dusty corner in the garage.

I'm moving onto Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the best time of year.

If I had to choose my death row meal (you know, the last meal you ever get to eat) it would without a doubt be turkey with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and LOTS of gravy.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

This delicious holiday deserves it's own chalkboard printable.....so away we go!

You can download this 11x14 beauty HERE.

And while you're there you can check out printables of seasons past to download for your collection:)


  1. Love this- I'm going to print it! So I'm a freak and I don't like Thanksgiving food at all! All I like is the apple pie dessert :)

  2. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
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    Love John Setrodipo

  3. SUPER CUTE printable! I always want to print each one I find... but don't have enough wall space ): Dang college life...! haha



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