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So this past weekend it was time to clean out the closets and finally unpack some of my clothes/items that have been in garbage bags boxes since I moved into my new house in June.

While unpacking I came across some hidden gems that are ready for new homes!

Rather than give them away at the nearest drop box location I decided to give this whole online closet shopping thing a whirl so if you're interested in checking out my treasures you can follow me on Instagram, lovelies:)

Over the next couple weeks I'll be selling some really cute cocktail dresses, blouses, maxis and purses so keep an eye out! Here's what's currently for sale....

Oversized Cobalt Blue Leather Coach Bag (great to use as a carry on when traveling)

Teal cocktail dress from LuLus in size Small! (never been worn!)

Have a great weekend, all!!!!!!!!


  1. Very clever! You'll be able to buy loads of new things with all the money you make!

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