My Everyday Smoky Eye Using the Naked Palette!

I had heard amazing things about the Naked eye shadow palette from Urban Decay (as we all have) but couldn't open my purse strings enough to buy one of my own.

Imagine my SHOCK and GLEE when I opened a birthday present a couple weeks ago from my FAVORITE goddaughter that contained the amazing palette!!!!

I couldn't wait to start trying new color combinations on my peepers:)

Obviously as I find color combos that work for my eyes I'm going to share with you lovelies so today I give you all.....

Here is the combo....

I always had a hard time understanding what applying to the "crease" meant when attempting a smoky eye so I am here to show you a little trick I learned.

When applying your crease color....draw a little < shape on the outside of your eye

A < ??

Say what??

Like this, lovelies:)

After drawing your < use a blending brush in a circular motion to blend the color in.
My favorite INEXPENSIVE blending brush is this little guy....

After you have blended, use a black liner on your top and lower lash line and finish the look with 2 coats of mascara (on curled lashies of course)!

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  1. Very cool, cause I had no idea how to do it.

  2. this NAKED palette is on my wish list of things to get!!! love it so much.

  3. You will never look back now! I looooove my Naked palette. I'm out of VIRGIN and I'm about to die. It's the best! Beautiful job.


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