A Day in the Life with My Imaginary Friends

Being a television addict I find myself saying the words 
"ugh I wish I were friends with these people in real life" quite a bit.


After I said this phrase out loud (to myself mind you) for the 4th time in the past week I figured I should probably put together my imaginary circle of friends on some sort of vision board so I could take a closer look....


What a crew. 
Can't you just picture us now?

Nolan and I are drinking a bottle of prosecco on the beach in the Hamptons. 
He refers to me as Shanns (or something cool like that)

We're laughing at how much money we have and how great our lives are. I tell him my awesome plan to seek revenge against a nasty cab driver that called me a bitch on the way over and he's all like...

 Out of nowhere Zac shows up. 

He tells me how much he loves my beach cover up and how beautifully made it is. 
He notices that another girl sitting nearby in wearing the same one and he gives her the stink eye for me

When the other girl feels uncomfortable enough that she packs up and leaves, he hands me a gift for no reason....it's a beautiful gown from his new collection. 

My friends are just the best.

Just when I think the day couldn't get any better, Rosie shows up with a bottle of scotch and slurred speech.

She suggests we have a "team building exercise" and we all laugh our asses off as we play trust fall on the beach. A group of drunk, rich guys show up and want to hang with us. Rosie gets pissed and tells them to "go scratch."

Then she announces what she wants to do for the rest of the afternoon....

So that's what we do!
We all fall asleep on our lounge chairs as the sun sets.

Suddenly I'm woken up because my laptop is making noise.

It's Nev and he's trying to video chat with me. 
He tells me he needs my help investigating a serious Catfish situation in wine country and wants to know if I can go with him....we have to leave tonight.

I think about it for a minute and decide I can free some time in my busy schedule.
I tell him YES I can go and he's all like...

Ohhh it's just a day in the life with my amazing Imaginary Circle of Friends:)


  1. bahahaha that is great!
    I adore Nev...he's the best!

  2. This is hilarious! I feel the exact same about my favorite tv characters...I obsess over a show and watch every season on netflix and then feel a bond with the characters I connect to. I'm SO glad I'm not alone in that weirdness ;)

  3. haha I always wish this! The only friend we have in common here is Nolan and I love him.

  4. omg hilarious. that would be an awesome circle of friends. LOVE LOVE nolan!!!

  5. Throw me in there and it's the best crew everrrrrr!! Zac would make us look fierce ... Rosie would handle our alcohol and Nev would solve all our mysteries!!!


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