AUI aka "Always Under the Influence"

Hi Friends!
Remember last Monday when I claimed to be "back" then never blogged again all week?

Yea me too.....

...anyway I'm here today (and will hopefully be back again tomorrow) to give you an update on my weekend!

This Saturday my favorite lady friends and I hit the streets of downtown Lowell, MA for an impromptu pub crawl. 

Normally when you see people in the city on pub crawls they have a reason they're out bar hopping/drinking loads of beers. Sometimes they are fighting diseases, raising money for scholarships or celebrating the upcoming nuptials of their friends....but we weren't celebrating any of those things! 
We were just celebrating being friends:)
(we tried telling people it was one of our 40th birthdays but it didn't land)

Here were the rules for our pub crawl...

1. It had to have a conspicuous name
The city of Lowell has it's own motto...."Alive Unique Inspiring!"
We decided to stick with the AUI but switched it to "Always Under Influence" 
Genius, right?? Props go to my friend Jackie on that one!

2. We had to wear matching outfits
We all rocked black Lululemon tanks compliments of my friend Eleni!

3. We had to drink a beer at every bar
That one was easy

4. We were responsible for snapping a picture at each one of our stops

5. Someone had to take the pub crawl "minutes" and create a summary of our one liners and inside jokes for the night. 
I have to say I just got my "minutes" this morning and some of them are a bit foggy....expected I suppose:)

I know you're dying to see our pub crawl pics (naht) so here they are!

Stop #1

Stop #2

Stop #3


Stop #5

Turns out we failed taking pictures at stops 6 and 7.....stop 6 consisted of stuffing our faces with every appetizer on the menu and stop 7 put us on the dance floor where we sweat out all our toxins from the day.

Can't wait for our next crawl, my loves:)


  1. Looks like fun! Cute pictures!!


  2. I am so jealous. Why must I live in a itty bitty town with no bars :(

  3. So fun!! I love crawls. You cannot have a great night when they are involved!

  4. This is awesome! Pub crawl is officially on my to-do list!

  5. Love pub crawls!! Cute picture's, it looks like you ladies had a good night..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. So so fun! I need one of these days in my life stat! I like the matching shirts too! No way one of y'all could pass for 40!

  7. HAHA! Sounds like SO much fun!!!

  8. Looks like tons of fun! I am a tad bit jealous..

  9. this is so cute!! i would love to do something like that- but probably wouldn't last past bar 3 ! bahah

  10. Looks like you guys had a blast! I lived in Lowell for a hot second (3 months) before moving to Framingham.

  11. I love seeing the progression from bar to bar, ha! I did a pub crawl once for a bachelor party (co-ed) and we had specific drinks we had to drink at each bar...Jameson and pickle juice was the one that did me in for the night!
    So fun to have an awesome group of girls:)

    Boho Bunnie

  12. LOVE this post! Im a new york blogger, I blog about NY style, Food, Passion for makeup and just running around my awesome city. Would love if you checked it out, Lets follow eachother! :)


  13. I love this especially the guidelines you ladies came up with. You wear that hat so well, I don't think I could pull it off.


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