Weekend Shenanigans!!


So you know those weekends when you plan to have NOTHING to do but then out of nowhere you end up having a great time??

This was the first weekend in a while that Mike and I had no plans to go out anywhere or do anything but that quickly changed when he decided he wanted to head up to Portland, Maine for the day on Saturday with friends!

The trip to Maine turned into a bar crawl which turned into dinner at a BBQ joint which turned into late night bowling.

Needless to say....I'm sad Monday is here! 

Here are some snaps from my weekend...

{took my first trip to Ulta....Yes I was an Ulta virgin until recently. They only JUST came to the Northeast! Luckily there is one less than 2 miles from my house:)}

{Had a makeup party with our friend and hairdresser Sirena Friday morning where she made my sissys and I look like beauty queens}

{Kate and I mapping out our Portland bar crawl}

{Bartender pouring some blended scotch}

{our new favorite cocktail....prosecco with st. germain and a lemon twist}

{a little window painting at "Buck Naked"}

{giving Miss Maddy a push on Sunday afternoon}

{Hit up TJMaxx pretty hard with Mom on Sunday...they had SO many cute Summer clothes!!}

All I want to be doing on this Boston Marathon Monday is sitting outside with a St. Germain/Prosecco cocktail....but alas I am indoors catching up on LOTS of work and eventually dragging my buns to the gym.

Until tomorrow, lovelies:)


  1. I am loving the shirts you got at TJ Maxx! I never have any luck there!

  2. I am always down for a makeup party, and those TJ Maxx finds are amazing!
    Stop by some time http://styledlikearockstar.blogspot.com

  3. I HATTTTE that I'm working today!! UGH

  4. Cute shirts from TJ!! And I have never been to Ulta either! They just recently started opening in our area, and the closest one is an hour away. My bank (aka, husband), doesn't find it that worthwhile to drive and hour and spend money on make-up. Obviously it means road trip with the girls! ;)

  5. I am loving that lace top from TJ!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. i love me some tj maxx! i've been trying to steer clear, though cause a lot like target, i spend waaay too much money every time i go in there. :)

  7. I miss marathon monday - definitely one of my favorite days while in college!!! I love prosecco - it is my go to for my first drink :) have a wonderful week shannon!!

  8. Love the white lace! Your makeup collection looks aammaaazzziiinnggg! Love those weekends that you don't have any plans and it turns into an amazing surprise!

  9. I've never been to Ulta before ... not sure if I trust myself in there!

  10. I love Ulta! And a makeup party sounds so fun!

  11. YAY for getting in a trip to Ulta!! It's so dangerous haha, but amazing! :) And I hit up TJ Maxx & Marshalls over the weekend and found some great stuff too!

  12. Love the clothes you got!! Super cute :)

  13. I had never heard of Ulta either until I moved south :-P

    Love your new tops from TJ Maxx!

  14. So happy you got to experience Ulta :) A barcrawl is the best kind of weekend!

  15. I am seriously in love with TJ Maxx and Ulta. I can't believe you hadn't ever been to Ulta. It's a little slice of Heaven.

  16. Looks like a great weekend. Love the Boston Marathon. So sad that some stupid person had to use evil. Good thing Boston is STRONG!

  17. Ooh, Ulta is a dangerous place for me! I hope that all of your loved ones in Boston are safe. Such a tragedy.


  18. Ahhh I love Ulta! I never knew what one was until I went to visit my gma in Arizona! (She is an Ulta addict btw...) Ever since, I have absolutely loved that place! We now have them in Virginia and I couldn't be happier! Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Stopping by from Sami's =)

  19. Girl, you know Ulta started in Chicago? They have been up there for a LONG time just not in your area :(


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