Rants and Raves...Week 5!!

Happy Friday, friends!

The sun is shining and I've been blasting my Adele Radio on Pandora this morning....it's starting out to be a great day.

Since it's Friday that means....

....Its time to RANT and RAVE!!!

Rants and Raves

So I got a giant bag of Easter candy from Mom & Dad this year full of Cadbury Minis, Whoppers, Kit Kats and these tempting little devils....The Reese's Eggs.
I've successfully eaten all of the Cadbury minis and Kit Kats (Whoppers are for the birds) and I thought I would be able to resist the Reese's Eggs but as I am typing this I'm seeing the remains of 2 wrappers on my computer desk from last night. These things are my kryptonite and it's almost bikini season...HELP!
...END RANT...

Prosecco & St. Germain....a combo so delicious it has had me salivating since the last time I drank them together! Add a lemon twist to this cocktail?? I'm literally drooling over here....and it's 9:00 in the morning!
I'm attending a bachelorette party this weekend and part of the agenda is having cocktails on a rooftop deck....as soon as I told my friend, Kate she asked "do you think we can have Prosecco & St. Germain?"
Yes we can.....YES, WE CAN!!:)

Roots are for Trees....but I also have them
Okay so my roots aren't QUITE as bad as Rhianna's but I feel like a skunk and it's killing me.
You know that feeling when you want to book a hair appointment but you try to hold out a few extra weeks to time your hair coloring right for an event you have to attend? No? Am I the only one who does this? I know I'm not....show me some support over here as I try and live with skunky hair for another couple of weeks.
...END RANT...

So both of my RAVES this week are cocktails....what of it??

I met my friend Jackie at a local bar yesterday for some late morning bloodys and they were delicious as ever. You see, this bar makes their own garlic/basil infused vodka and it is spicy and delicious!!!
Just talking about yesterday's bloody mary's is reminding me of the late afternoon heartburn that endured but it was totally worth it:)


  1. Both of those cocktails sound so good! I'm definitely ready for my Friday work day to be ova :)

  2. hahaha I totally plan my hair appointments for upcoming events! I am glad to know that I am not the only one! :)

    have an awesome weekend lady!

  3. So basically now I'm craving Reese's and a drink. It's 10:50 AM here. I'm ok with this.

  4. What you do w/ hair is what I do w/ eyebrow wax. . . I wait to have them done until a special event but leading up to it I go crazy looking at how much of a hot mess they are!

  5. I'm totally with you on the hair thing! I just started going back for highlights after 6 months color free. I'm already planning the appointments for the rest of the year! Craziness :)


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