Rants and Raves....Week 4!

It's Friday:)

I'm about to head to my sister's house in like 20 minutes. Our friend/hairdresser is trying to get herself some practice in the makeup application business and she wants to use my sissy's and I as models on her website.

She asked that we come over today without a stitch of makeup.....OH THE HORROR

Let's hope I don't see anyone I know at Starbucks on the way over!!!

Until then.....

......Let's link up for 

Rants and Raves

Sooo does this Coconut Lime Breeze body spray from BBW come in a beverage form? Because I would drink this stuff if I could. I can't walk by my vanity without squirting a little bit of this on my neck (at least 5 times a day). It's light, beachy and the smell reminds me of my honeymoon:)

WTF is this, New England?? You tease us by giving us 70 degree weather earlier this week and then you knock us down by finishing the week with 40 degree days?? I have to admit....as long as it's not snowing I'm okay with it but come on!!!! The ladies up in New England want to wear tank tops and flip flops too!
...END RANT...

I want to rave about this new NBC show but I need to stop myself and rant for just a quick second.
Why is Eva Longoria plastering her face all over the promos? And why could I not find an image in Google Images that didn't have either her face or Guilliana and Bills?? WTF? This show isn't about you guys....you had your chance at love....get it together, NBC.
Moving on....this show is fantastic!! I felt like it was a mix of Millionaire Matchmaker and the Bachelor rolled into one (and even a little bit of the Hunger Games, am I right??) It's pure entertainment at it's finest. 

Sooo....it's April. Why are the mosquitos out already?? On Tuesday Mike and I wanted to grab a drink and sit outside because it was 70 degrees outside. So we go to a local restaurant, grab our drinks and get comfy. We're having a grand old time until I get bit by 5 mosquitos in a matter of 3 minutes. They're biting my feet, they're biting my hands, they're attacking my wine glass....NOT okay. This better not be a sign of things to come this summer.
...END RANT...

What are you ranting and raving about this week???


  1. I'm really loving Ready for Love too. It's different, but has elements of the other shows that I like. And I like that they have experts to help--rather than just "picking with the p****" like Patti Stanger says haha (but I totally agree, why is Eva Longoria ALL over this? Annoying).
    Mosquitos stink, but just wait until the cicadas hit. Maybe they won't get you all the way where you are, and if not, consider yourself lucky. I'm DREADING the cicadas coming.

  2. I've hear the bugs/mosquitos are going to be insane this year! UGH not looking forward to that this summer. Good luck with your makeup stuff today - that will be so fun!

  3. I can't wait to watch this show! Thanks for giving a review/your opinion, I was wondering about it! And yes I am SO over this weather, what. is. the deal!?
    It's supposed to be 60 tomorrow though :)


  4. I haven't watched Ready For Love yet, but I have heard good things about it. Everyone seems to like it. My sister told me the other night G&B host it/produce it something like that. I don't remember. If G&B are on it I'm all about the show. I Love me some G&B.

    I haven't been to B&BW in quite a couple months (shame). I will have to scope that scent out!!

  5. i watched ready for love this week too, and the jury is still out on it for me. i like how they've mixed a couple different shows into one, but it seems like there is so much going on!

    i TOTALLY thought hunger games too when they rose up in those boxes from the garden/jungle-y room below! haha! :)

    and i don't understand why eva longoria has to be all over the show and the promos. i don't care! love g & b as the hosts though!


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