The Dirty Secrets of Makeup Brushes

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday:) Is it snowing where you are?? 

It feels like a crappy deja vu over here.....Friday, lots of heavy snow and not enough wine in the house to get through it.


Today let's talk makeup brushes......the DIRTY TRUTH about makeup brushes.

Let's be honest...raise your hand if you're one of those goodie two shoes (is it two or too?) that cleans her makeup brushes several times a week.

If you're raising your hand right now I don't believe you!!! 
Get real!!!

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to buy the expensive makeup brush cleaner to get your brushes nice and clean!! Nope....all you have to do is pull $1.59 of loose change out of the bottom of your purse and get yourself a mini bottle of this guy....

I bought a mini bottle of baby shampoo about 6 months ago to clean my makeup brushes and I think it's been the best bang for my buck in history!! The bottle is still about 1/4 way full!

So all you have to do, lovely ladies is FORCE yourself to dig out your makeup brushes a few times a month (if you're me) and bring them into the sink for a bath with Mr. Baby Shampoo!

I squeeze a small pea-sized dot of shampoo in my hand and wash my brushes in luke warm water until the water runs clean (cleaning my bronzer brush usually makes my sink look like a crime scene...YIKES!!!)

Once I'm done I re-form my brushes to their original shape and let them dry on my vanity.....

You know what ELSE Mr. Baby Shampoo is good at cleaning???

Can't you just smell the baby shampoo while reading this??

Take a big whiff....happy brush cleaning, ladies!


  1. What a great tip!!! :)

  2. I just did a post on this exact thing today lol!! Love having clean brushes!!!

    Xox Ash,

  3. I try to do this as often as possible! It's always amazing how much makeup comes pouring out when you're rinsing them

  4. dude THANK you for posting this!!!!!! i HATE buying expensive brush cleaners!! omgosh i am way too excited about this post :)

  5. I was just talked into buying makeup brush cleaner at Clinique. SO far so good, but it was no $1.59 that's for sure hahah

  6. What a good idea! I hate cleaning my brushes and embarrassingly enough, I don't do it often.. Maybe that sweet baby smell will drive away my bad habit!

  7. Ha! I use baby shampoo for cleaning my brushes too1 :)


  8. My brushes are ready for some cleaning...this afternoon! :) haha

  9. I've cleaned brushes once in my entire life. You can imagine my disgust when I started blogging and realize chicks did this weekly

  10. I have always used my own shampoo to clean my brushes! I should try the baby shampoo though, not nearly as harsh! I'll agree though just getting something like shampoo is so much more with the bang for your buck than some of the really expensive cleaners (which are just shampoo anyways!beh!).

  11. I've never even thought about baby shampoo for the clarasonic! Genius!

  12. Wahh I am bad and never clean mine, I need to get better at it. Im sure its better for my acne prone face. PS I am emailing you back my blog design stuff tomorrow. I am almost done

  13. UGH, I seriously need to do this. My brushes are probably FILTHY!!!

  14. I do the same thing to clean my brushes!! I pinned sometime ago about all the things that baby shampoo can be used for (including cleaning carpets!) and haven't gone back to my MAC makeup brush cleaner since! I also love the smell!!! Mmmm!!

  15. This is my "secret" too! lol I use baby shampoo to clean all sorts of "facial" things... I used to even use it on my own face!


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