The Card Deck Workout!

Working out is hard.....especially in the Winter!

On days there is snow and ice and winds (like today) it is near impossible to get me into a tank top, some shorts and send me to the gym. NOT gonna happen!!

I'm always on the lookout for good at home work outs....not DVDS necessarily  just workouts I can do in my loft without a whole lotta equipment.

Digressing here a bit....
I like watching the Biggest Loser every now and again to get some ideas for new things to try and Bob Harper really inspired me to try out this idea....

So a month or so ago I told my hubby to meet me in our loft.

I grabbed some free weights for each of us, a deck of cards and pumped up the Akon radio on Pandora.

This was happening whether he liked it or not!! He laughed and thought that working out with a deck of cards sounded ridiculous.....

....until we finished and he was chugging his protein and panting like a dog!

Here's what you do....

Pick 4 exercises that you want to work on and assign them to a suit......

I think you all know where I'm going with this.....

Shuffle the deck and flip the first card over....

10 squats!

My hubby and I take turns.....one person flips the deck and the other counts the reps. 

When you're all done with the 52 cards you will have done 95 reps of each exercise!!!

Crazy, right??

Go for it! I'm pulling out my deck this afternoon.....pray for me:)


  1. wow!! never thought of this!! love this idea! totally trying this weekend.

  2. I think I am a little scared of this workout, but I wanna try it with my fiance! It sounds fun, is that weird???

  3. This is super creative and fun. There are so many times I wish I had something like this so I don't have to leave my house.

  4. This is such a good idea...I don't think I could make it through the whole deck! Ill have to try

  5. This is an awesome workout idea! I love it!! Can't wait to try it myself!

  6. Good luck!! I could see that being insanely tiring and painful haha

  7. I love this idea! Creative!

  8. that is so fun! A neat way to mix it up!

  9. I've done this ...it's a killer... the burpees killed me! I need to try it out again!

  10. Iv done this before, it's amazing... I need to start doing it again!


  11. Shann this is great! I know a group in Boston called the November Project that gets together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and does a free workout around the city and I think their monday morning workout is called "Destination Deck." Everyone that lives in the city has to run to the chosen destination for that morning and when they get there... black cards are push ups and reds are sit-ups... same type of deal. Here's their website: http://november-project.com/

    Cheers to working-out hard!


  12. I seriously might have to try this! What a fun way to change up your work out routine! :)


  13. What a great idea! What's even better is that I don't have to leave the house:) I am definitely giving this a go!


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