My Weekend Wrap Up

I wish I could say that I had an exciting weekend....I really do...but that's not the case.

Mike and I spent almost every waking moment cleaning our condo and packing up some items that we don't use on a regular basis so we could remove some of the clutter in our home.

Mike painted and I sorted tupperware on Saturday night....I know....WE'RE WILD!!!!

Sadly we didn't have a single sole show up to our open house on Sunday after all our hard work.

Yes, you read that correctly....not ONE person.

When I came home (cats in tow) and saw the sign-in sheet was blank I almost burst out into tears....then decided to drown my sorrows in a bottle of red, lots of chips and salsa and a RHONJ marathon on the Style Network

My mom said it best "People who show up to open houses aren't usually people who are real serious about purchasing a home anyway...they're people who want to look around and see the inside of your house....and they're usually your neighbors! What you really want is for realtors to continue making mid-week appointments....so keep your house clean!"

So that's what I'm doing around here....trying to keep my house clean.
This is harder than it sounds and I'm about one more cat poop accident on the carpet away from losing my mind this week.

Here is my uneventful weekend in photos....

{shopped for flowers at Trader Joes}

{Bought a festive sign for my front door}

{Watched Swayze get down in Dirty Dancing}

{had some red}

{laughed at my all time favorite calendar!! Thanks sissy!}

{drank 20 oz of pure heaven}

{wasted my time making my kitchen look like this}


  1. sounds like a crazy weekend! :) adore your door sign!!! where did you find it?

  2. Is that Starbucks drink just iced black coffee?? I want to get on that level, but gosh it's tough! And a weekend with a little wine is always a good thing!

  3. wonderful pictures. i've enjoyed it so much.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. Aww... I'm sorry no one came by! But I think your mom was right... as I went to 2 open houses last weekend and I am by no means looking to buy. Good luck girly!

  5. Unfortunately your mom is right! Open houses can be a bust because you tend to get people who aren't very serious but once a buyer has an agent you know they're serious. Around here the real estate market is just starting to heat up- just give it a few weeks. I know that sounds like forever but once the sun is shining more and the weather is warming up a bit it really brings out the buyers.

  6. I know that can be frustrating, but even as. Realtor, I tend to agree with your mom. Rarely do you sell at the open house. It happens, but very seldom. Real housewives always has a way of making things better though, right? Ha!

  7. Friend, your mom is 100% correct. Rest assured that if my sis and I lived in your hood, our names would have been on the paper. We drive around looking for open houses and we both own one ! Cheer up, it'll happen ;)

  8. aww wish you guys the best of luck with it! I am sure it just takes a little bit of time! have a great week girlie! xoxo

  9. Blah, that is a bummer that no one stopped by. But I agree with your mom because I am also tempted to go into open houses but have no interest in buying a house anytime soon

  10. Happy Monday Love!!!
    My online closet opened today, I would love for you to check it out!
    Have a great day.


  11. atleast you have pretty flowers to cheer you up?? Keep the wine flowing, eventually you will forget you are trying to sell the house :)

  12. kitchen looks great! finges crossed for a buyer!

  13. Boo :( I feel for ya! We had cats and had to tidy up the house non-stop when we were showing it. I hated being called and told to leave in 10 minutes also! Your kitchen flowers are beautiful though!

  14. Your mom is right! When we were house hunting, we sought out the houses we wanted to look at ourselves instead of driving by an open house sign on a random Sunday. Chin up! Your buyers are out there just waiting to fall in love with your house, and your staging is beautiful! :)

    P.S. Red wine and RHNJ sounds like the perfect night to me!

  15. Love that sign on your front door!

    Happy Monday!

    The Hartungs Blog

  16. On the bright side - it is good that the open house forced you in to decluttering and cleaning (again). I hope you have lots of people look this week.

    Dirty Dancing is the best movie ever. Always makes me happy!

  17. I would be upset after doing all that cleaning to not see a single person come also :(

    Your kitchen looks really stinkin cute though!!


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