Link Up....Rants and Raves!!!

Hi Friends!!!

Happy Friday:)

So remember on Wednesday I told you all about a new link up I wanted to host?? The Pits and the Peaks??

Well apparently this girl doesn't get out much because a sweet reader of mine reached out to me and told me that this exact link up already exists!! (get with the program, Shann!!!)

So I racked my brain and came up with an idea I like even BETTER....Rants and Raves.....the place to let out steam and give praise all in one.

Oh...and I'm keeping my fun logo with the mountain.....not because it makes sense at all but because I like the pretty colors:)


Rants and Raves

Wicked Single....where do I begin?? WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS, Vh1?? 
We all know I am a reality TV junkie....I'll give any show a chance.....but not this garbage. I turned it off 20 minutes in and to be honest I don't know how I lasted that long. This TV show makes me ashamed I'm from Boston, it has completely lost all of my faith in Vh1 Reality Shows (bring back Brett Michaels) and it just makes me want to cry!
...END RANT....

THANK YOU BzzAgent for sending me this amazing razor!!! I have fallen in love with Schick Hydro Silk and I'm not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! This razor will leave your legs smooth AND moisturized every time you use it. Well done, Schick.....well done!!!

What's a girl got to do to go bowling this time of year?? Apparently March is peak bowling league season because my hubby and I have had the hardest time finding a freaking bowling alley to go to and drink a few brews and bowl a few strings!!! Every night we've tried this week there is a 2 hour wait or they are completely full due to league commitments!!! Bring on the warm weather....I'm ready to go mini golfing!!!
...END RANT...

So who HASN'T seen Argo?? I know I'm probably a little behind the times here since everyone and their mother has already reviewed this year's best picture....but whatever....I'm reviewing it now!
Hubby and I rented Argo this week and let me tell you it was WELL WORTH the $4.99! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and didn't want it to end when it was over!! 
Great work, Ben Affleck!!!

This little crapper has been the worst behaved cat in history this week!!!
I can't even stand it. You see....we can't allow him to sleep in our room at night because he's awful and doesn't sleep...he just stays awake trying to find things to do to annoy us. So we lock him out....then have to build a barricade in front of the door each night so he doesn't bang on the door (yes this is sad but true). Well last night Garfield figured out how to knock down the barricade 4 different times throughout the night....leaving for a very grumpy Shann and Mike. Quit the funny business, Garfy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...END RANT...

These Pineapple Coconut Dasani Drops are like liquid gold to me! I don't go anywhere without them (it's true...I carry them in my purse!) What's a great way to drink crummy old water when working out at the gym? Add a few drops of this deliciousness and you'll feel like you're on a tropical island somewhere sipping pina coladas! Don't worry...the flavor isn't too strong either...it will just give your water a HINT of island tropics! Yum....just writing this is making my mouth water!

You never thought you'd see a rant with this beautiful face attached to it would you?
Ya...me neither. Until I was drinking my coffee yesterday morning watching Fox News and they announced that Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting for a while. SAY WHAT???? I nearly spit out my Starbucks!
The only thing that keeps me excited some nights is logging onto IMDB and seeing if this man (I sound like Bachelor AshLee) is working on any new projects. I might as well start getting depressed now:(
What about The Terrence Malick project he's been shooting? What about Only God Forgives??
Come on Ryan....get your shit together....you have desperate female fans to support!
...END RANT...

So there you have it....my rants and raves for this week!! Link up and share yours! 
Not enough time since I tricked you and promised a different link up?
It's ok!! Link up next week:)


  1. I absolutely LOVE that razor, too! Funny story - I was in the shower this morning and had shaved one leg, went to switch the razor to my other hand and dropped it. The razor broke in to pieces! I felt so helpless with only one leg shaved, haha! I'll be going to get me a new one ASAP!

  2. oh my goodness! I love this link-up!
    might have to join in next week! :)

    -Heather Ann

  3. I knew I saw Pits & Peaks somewhere. I even tried searching for the blog I found it on, but I came up short!

    I haven't seen Argo. Maybe Andy & I will have to give that a shot this weekend.

    A girl I work with raves (see what I did there :) ) about the Dasani Drops. She keeps them at her desk and I'm pretty sure every time she squeezes some in her drink she mentions them hahah

    Ryan nnnoooo! No breaks!!

  4. LOVE this link up! please send out a reminder tweet bc I will be all up in this next week! You had me at Ryan Gosling.

  5. Girl. I am on the same exact page with the razor and the Dasani drops! I have been using and LOVING both of them :)

  6. ummm my cat does the same shit. Except he'll shove his paw underneath the door and then SHAKE IT in the door jam, because it's loose and it's an older house. First night he did it M reached for his shot gun because we swore we were about to get murdered. Little turd. TJ is such a great snuggler too, until about... 4 a.m., and then he's standing on you, breathing on your face and purring. This is why he's a weekend sleeper only ;-) haha

  7. Loving this link-up. Just posted. I love when I can just write and say whatever I want to say.

  8. My cat likes to wake up at 3-4 in the morning, it's party time for him. He like to knock all the items off my nightstand and I have my long necklaces hanging on hooks and those are his favorite he likes to jump up and play with. He is also a 20lb cat who likes to jump on me. If I didn't love him so much and his purring didn't lull me to sleep every night I have no idea what I would do with him.

  9. You had me cracking up at a lot of these! I haven't seen Argo yet, but soon! The Netflix has arrived and we just need a quiet night to sit down and watch it. Maybe this weekend! My cats are cuh-razy around 4AM. Paws flying and magazines being pushed on the floor kind of parties up in here! Have a great weekend!

  10. where do you rent movies for $5? don't you have a redbox? ;)

  11. Love your blog and this link-up! And OMG my cat does the same thing- I'm glad I'm not the only terrible person who locks my cat out of my bedroom all night :)


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