Should This be an HGTV Show??

If you're thinking my posts have been lacking creativity and humor lately.....you're right!

Why am I so boring and skipping so many days of blogging, you ask??

Because my cats and I are spending most of our days in my car.

Don't worry. We're not homeless....yet. 

Mike and I put our condo up for sale last Wednesday and we have been having "showings" left and right!

Some days I'm only getting a 20 minute warning before realtors are "popping by" with their clients to show off our pad. (Luckily we haven't had an incident where I've just gotten out of the shower!! YOWZA!)

Our realtor recommended that we NOT have the cats/litterbox/food dishes hanging around in case a potential buyer is allergic (or dare we say an animal hater). 

Makes sense to me....but is a total hassle which I'm sure you can imagine!!

The only solution I've been able to come up with so far is throwing my felines in the car, putting on some dark sunglasses and parking in the Visitors parking lot while people check out my home.

Sound crazy? 

Probably is.

I think it would make for a fantastic HGTV show though, don't you think?? 
Hmmm what could we call it? 

Buying and Stalking???

Once this craziness settles down a bit I will be a better blogger....I pinky swear.


  1. Hahaha tooo funny!!! Hopefully you won't have to do it for long and someone buys your home!!! I'm having visions on you and your cats being creepy in the car... definitely humorous!

  2. This is too great! Good Luck selling your condo! I am dreading selling ours!

  3. Good luck selling! I am sure the cats love the little adventures haha.

  4. That's so exciting!!! Good luck to y'all!

  5. bwahahaha funny pic. you know, me and my husband have been contemplating putting our place on the market too and ive NEVER thought about that. having to tow around two kitties must be tough!!

  6. hahaha! This is the funniest ever! I love thaty picture you made!I would do the exact same thing just wait in the car!

  7. Bahah that caption for the picture. I just died!! Some buy it RIGHT MEOW!

  8. *Fingers crossed* you guys get a buyer soon! Have you found a new house that you want to move to?

  9. Your adorable!! Good luck on selling your condo girl..

  10. OMG that is too funny. I can't even imagine having to scoop up the cats and all their stuff and run to the car! It sounds like a frustrating process but hopefully you will sell it soon. When you sell it are you going to buy a house?

  11. Lol my sister had to do this when she was selling her home lol! Except she would bring her pets to our house and we would drink wine and wait! lol Good luck

  12. How do the cats deal with this? I'm about to have to do the same thing with my house! :) Best of luck!

  13. As a realtor I know it totally sucks but you would be so surprised how turned off some people get by pets- it always shocks me because I'm an animal lover but some people are so disgusted. So you're def doing the right thing even though it's annoying!!

  14. LOL so funny!! You have a beautiful condo, it will sell in no time! Meow... where are you planning to move to? :)


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  15. HI! New follower, I love your blog! I'm from RI so we're kind of near each other! :)



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