Operation Get Organized Part 2

Happy Monday, Friends!
Can you believe it's already February 4th?
Where does the time go??
That means that I'm getting closer and closer to putting our condo up for sale so I really need to kick my buns into gear and finish getting the place cleaned up and organized.
I recently tackled my vanity and wanted to make it neat and orderly.
Now I'm sure I'm not the only girl out there who has a serious curling iron addiction.
Am I right?
I opened up my drawer the other day and was BAFFLED by the amount of hair styling tools I had in my possession.
Obviously I couldn't part with any of them (some are even duplicates....oye) so I just snazzed up my drawer and packed them neatly so the cords weren't hanging out all over the place....
I was feeling neater already:)
So just for good measure I thought I'd tidy up my "nail polish" tray.
I had gotten this plastic tray at Target a while ago and it's a great place to store all of my manicure essentials. Now when it's time to paint my nails I just pull this bad boy out of my vanity drawer and I'm good to go! It's nice to be able to see all of my color options right in front of my face rather than having to dig through an old shoebox....
Now if only the rest of my bedroom were this neat:(
I'll get there soon enough....wish me luck!


  1. love it! you inspired me, my bathroom is a disaster!

  2. I have TWO drawers that I keep all of my hair stuff in - its crazy! I am still absolutely LOVING that curling wand I won from you! And completely random - but where did you get the Social Media buttons on your side bar? Did you make them? I love them!

  3. Good idea on storing Nail polish. Mine are in a jar and always results in me dumping them all over the floor, which then results in me taking 2 days to get around to picking them back up.. whoops!

  4. holy hell on the amount of styling tools~!!!! :D :D

    I finally broke down one day and got a snap case and its now filled to the max with my nailpolishes.. it doesnt look as pretty as yours but it does do the trick of keeping it all together!

  5. Look at you!
    And holy moly that's a lot of styling tools! hahaha

  6. That's a lot of hair styling tools!! I have one straightener, one blow dryer and one curling iron. hahah

  7. Love it! I need to get my hair and make up supply in better order. Such a mess! :-P

  8. Oh wow you do have a lot of styling tools!! Haha! I need to organize my nail polish...it's just all thrown in a drawer

  9. That is a lot of styling tools! Did you ever post a tutorial about using any of them to make awesome curls? Because I could use one...I'm incapable of using styling tools haha!

  10. Ooooo! I like that nailpolish tray! I think I might need to get myself one of those - since I am at Target every single day of my life I'll look for one soon !

  11. I love your polish organizer. I need one desperately, but I have like 250 polishes. What's a girl to do?!

  12. I organized all my hair tools too recently. It made such a difference, especially when all the cords weren't all tangled.


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