Who I Would Trade Jobs With...

So last night my hubby and I were watching "The 100 Greatest Songs of the 00's" (which is pronounced like oh oh's....who knew) and Mike looks at me and asks....
"If you could obtain one talent so that you could switch your career what would it be?"
He answered his own question right away by saying he'd love to be able to sing. This surprised me because he doesn't even sing in the car...yet this is something he wishes he could do as a career.
He said he wouldn't want to be a professional athlete because as you get older you lose that talent....but as a singer you can have a successful career for many years.
Makes complete sense!
Anyway....I thought long and hard about his answer and couldn't come up with anything of my own!
I was frustrated because in my mind I know I'd love to use my obsession with reality TV and turn it into a career.
After the show was over (Beyoncé's Crazy in Love was number 1 in case you were wondering....very NOT well deserved if you ask me) I was laying in bed and thinking about what my answer would be.....
Then I remembered this text convo I had with my sister....
We legit have ESP and both want to trade lives with Nev Schulman from Catfish.
Who wouldn't?
I pretty much kick myself in the buns everyday because Michele and I didn't think to make a documentary about online liars before Nev and Max did.
Do we have any film experience whatsoever?
Can we stalk the shit out of people online and pretty much find out anything about anyone?
(Yes...I get to be the Nev because he's awesome and I love him)
So to answer my hubby's question...
I would want the talent of having Nev's compassion so I could have started the show Catfish myself.
I don't need Nev's online stalking skills...I already have those.
What I need is the ability to be nice and act calm like Nev does when things like this happen...
How could he act so calm and nice and not yell "I TOLD YOU SO" when this Chelsea chick walked out of the house instead of a hunky, tanned male model?
I digress.
So there you have it....this is what I would do if I could get a new talent and trade jobs with someone.
I guess if I had to pick a back up option I wouldn't hate being this guy...


  1. OKay, I have been hearing about this Catfish show for the last couple of days now... Is it about catfish?? Worth a watch?? Maybe I can find it... lol

    I think that is a great question for you husband to ask! Totally a cool way to get to know little things about each other! :)

  2. Hahaha I love it!!! Catfish is pretty insane to me! How these folks don't do more digging is beyond me... but I guess love is blind! ;) And Andy... Oh Andy... How I love thee!

  3. I LOVE THAT SHOW. I was telling my fiance the other night I thought we could totally be a cyber stalking duo! That episode about killed me with that girl! How are people so oblivious???

  4. I'm OBSESSED with that show!!! I hope it never stops airing because it's one of the first shows I watch on my DVR (even before Real Housewives, which says alot!). I would love to creep on everyone's lives and figure out what's going on and why they haven't met. I just love it! Even though sometimes I want to shake the people on the show and tell them to wake up because obviously they haven't been dating who they think they are dating!

  5. This is hilar!! I had the EXACT same group text convo with my girlfriends who were all thinking the same thing...except I think I want to be his brother! They have a film crew so all he does is hold that little camera....sign me UP!!

    Love this show, even Travis is addicted to it!

  6. hahaha, I would LOVE to have Nev's job. Altho, I'm not sure I could handle myself like he does in those situations. Plus, I'd have a hard time not being like "Come on, man. Let's be real. This person is obviously NOT who you think they are" haha

  7. okay so first off, side note, that beyonce song did not deserve number one!

    second, i would love to be able to act and be an actress.

    third, i "know" (friend of a friend kinda thing) the girl that was on that episode!! so funny.

  8. Ha! One of my new favorite shows. You would make a great Nev I am sure. I cant believe they can even make a show about this. That many people have been scammed? Scary. Hope all is well. Have a great weekend!

  9. Ha ha funny ... I'd love to be Pink

  10. I love love catfish + I love Nev.. Max has been getting pretty sassy in some of the newer episodes.

  11. looooool this is the funniest post. My husband and I are obsessed with this silly show. And I totally agree...I'd pass with flying colors for an internet creeping job ;)


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