Week 1....The Dreaded "Before" Picture

So have you all heard of the "Newlywed 10"??
Probably not because I completely just made it up.
Anyway....I'm here today to explain to you what happens when you get married (maybe not to everyone....just to the girls who love wine and chocolate and nachos like me).
When you get married you start to relax a bit.
A bit too much in my case.
Before my wedding I was in fantastic shape. I was working out 5 days a week and was toned and fit and feeling fantastic.
Once the wedding and honeymoon were over I felt like I could relax and not watch what I ate.
Why should I?
I don't have a dress to fit into this year or a bikini to wear on a Hawaiian honeymoon.
I have no idea how much weight I've gained since getting married....because I don't keep a scale in my house....never have. I never have any clue how much I weigh unless I've recently been to the doctors (and even then I tend to glance away when the number comes up because I don't think numbers matter).
It's all about how you feel.
And lately....I'M NOT FEELING SO GOOD.
I always know when it's time to hit the gym harder based on how well my pants fit.....and a few days before Christmas it took me a good 4 minutes to dance around my bedroom and "shimmy" into my skinny jeans. (Hubby has seen said "shimmy" and HATES it)
So I'm going to do something about all of this.
What better way to FORCE myself to get back into shape in 2013 then by putting the dreaded "BEFORE" picture on my blog??
(Hubby took one too since he's doing this with me but he specifically said "DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG, SHANN!)
I'm not gonna lie....I sat here on Photoshop for a couple minutes and played around with some editing techniques and tried to give myself a spray tan and add some more eye liner....then I erased it.
This is ALL about being real, lovelies.....so HERE it is......
WEEK 1.....
I'm not sorry.....I've enjoyed all of the trips to Chipotle and our local pizza joint since getting married but I'm eager and ready to kick my ass back in shape.....so next Friday you can expect a week 2 update.
With a combination of watching what I eat, hitting the gym/yoga regularly again and actually attempting some P90x with my hubby I know I'll get back on track.
We'll see about cutting out some of my wine intake too....just maybe:)
On a completely different note....is my bikini in the picture above pink or orange??
Because I'm pretty sure when I bought it last year it was called "neon orange" and unless I'm color blind that looks pretty damn pink to me.
Anyhoo...Happy Friday, lovelies.......and thanks for helping kick my ass back into shape. Feel free to share tips with me! Unless you're going to tell me to run....because I'd rather chew off my left leg than run....AND I'm allergic to running.....seriously.....there's a real medical term for it.


  1. Okay, first, if I looked like you I would be thrilled! Haha. I dare not put my bikini on right now because it would get lost in the jelly rolls *sigh*

    Second, I totally know what you mean about gettig comfortable, having no wedding dress to fit in, and enjoying the Not-Watching-What-I-Eat diet. Now almost two years into my marriage and I have put on almost twenty pounds. YIKES! I am there with you. 2013 is about getting serious! No more excuses.

    Good Luck!

  2. Let me just say, GOOD FOR YOU for posting an unedited pic of yourself online. And then I will say, you look fab! I understand what you mean about FEELING good, so I'm with you on doing whatever that takes to get to that place of "happy." I've been feeling the squeeze since the holidays are over, and since I'll be leaving in 13 days for a beach trip...I'm high-tailing it into over-drive lately to try and shed some lbs.
    I'll be here, rooting you on!!

  3. I love your honesty, although I still think you look freakin hot!!! This is a really great idea though... good luck with the process :)

  4. You look hot! I need to lose like 20 stat. I look like a hog pulled straight off the farm ready to make bacon! I lord help me! :) good luck girl

  5. I don't know what you are talking about?!? You look so good!!! But I totally understand what you are going through. Plus, it's all about how you feel. If you don't feel good - then change it!


  6. You look awesome hun! If I looked like that in a bikini I'd be thrilled! I have a flat tummy, but I have the fantastics genetics from my family of gaining it all in my hips and thighs and you can't suck those in!

    I completely know how you feel though, the numbers on the scale don't matter until your favorite pants are uncomfortable or don't even fit at all. It just makes you feel icky :(

    GL and can't wait to hear how you're doing!

  7. I love that bikini! If p90x is too time consuming (it was for me! So was insanity, though they work great) you should YouTube bodyrock & blogilates! Both are great workout series with awesome hosts! Can't wait to see your progress, Shannon!!! I'm going to Mexico in a couple of weeks so I'm in workout mode, too!!

  8. You're looking good but, I feel ya! You just don't feel 100% & great about yourself... I'm there too! We're doing a 30 day challenge in our office & it's just what I need to get me going & back on track this year! Keep up the good work & make your hubs keep you accountable! Good luck!!!

  9. #1 your bathing suit is super cute :) #2 I feel ya on the needing to get back on track with with the gym! We all do after the holidays! I can promise you I ate my weight in cookies and junk food. GAG! I took before pictures the night before last...definitely not gonna be posting those on the blog though.

  10. you look gorgeous! And I'm doing a similar thing. While I can't do p90x 'cause I'll be at school, I am making an effort to exercise regularly and get my butt moving! I want to feel more comfortable with myself by spring break! You're gonna do great dear!

  11. Not only are you brave to post the picture, but just taking the picture alone is brave. And girl you look great! I've always considered taking a "before" picture but I'm too much of a wuss, so kudos to you!! And good luck :-) Can't wait to hear about your progress.

  12. Best of luck to you! I recently got married, too, and I find it so easy to eat what my husband eats...and that's NOT a good thing! I've always been really into health & fitness, but I am planning to overhaul my routine this year and get into really great shape. Maybe I can convince my husband to join me...ha :)

  13. Kudos for the bravery! And i go with orange... You look great no matter what, but i too felt the newlywed 10...

  14. I think you look amazing, haha :)

    I'm completely allergic to running too. Not happening here.

    But I'm on board with you. I need to get it together and fat. My back fat told me so ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. fast*

    oh and i shouldn't own a scale either because right now we aren't on speaking terms, boo.

  16. Classes are the best. If you are competitive at all, you will find yourself pushing more to beat that pretty brunette next to you! Good luck on your journey! Mine starts tomorrow!

  17. I'm right there with you, I def have put on more than the newlywed 10 haha.... Try closer to 20-25! =\ I'm working on getting back down to a healthy weight for me, and also took before pics. But I refuse to post them until I have after pics ;)

  18. First off you look great and wait until you've been married 3 years!!! Thankfully the summer after my own wedding in 2010 I was in 2 weddings and had 2 to attend so that kept me in shape but after my sisters wedding in 2011 I really let it all go. I swear it gets harder every year you're together. I started finding myself eating the same size portions as my husband and had to be like STOP he's much bigger than you.

  19. I am right there with you on this! Sure, to other people I probably look fine, just like you look great in that picture! But it's about how I feel, and I felt SO much better before our wedding. I relaxed a TON after, and just stopping the nightly trips to get dessert (husband can be so convincing!) is not going to cut it, I've GOT to start working out. I'll be keeping an eye out for any tips you post, I too HATE running. But was somehow convinced to run a half marathon. In two months. Oh the joy...

  20. girl you still look soooo amazing! I just think winter in general it is harder to get motivated. Wine and eating good food is my problem. Have you ever tried the couch to 5K app? It is not bad to start at all and it builds up your endurance - it is more interval training - not necessarily running straight through!! let's support each other - I am right there with you girl! I NEED to loose 15-20! :x happy friday!!!!

  21. Well....I think you look AMAZING!! But I totally get it! I got married in February 2012 and I too feel like I've "let myself go" so to speak! It's just SO hard to get up and workout when I would much rather be sitting at home with my hubby, vegging out, and stuffing my face! HA! I am all about how I "feel" as well! I really don't care what the scale says as long as I feel good!

    Good luck with you venture! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    Lots of Love,

    The NB

  22. i gained like 17 yikesss... and I wouldnt dare post a pic of it! I'll be trying to get fit too!

  23. Okay if I copied this word for word and took out th married part and added a picture of me then it would fit perfectly for my life right now.

    I too have thought about doing a before picture as motivation. But I just can't see myself actually working out so it might be able to copy and paste the before to the after and call it a day.

    But it is one of my 2013 goals so no, I must do it. And I am allergic to running as well. I don't understand how so many people do it. It's physically impossible for my to run a block to catch a subway train let alone enjoy it through a park or something.

  24. I wish I looked like you! You still look great. But totally understand where you are coming from. After our wedding, I gained atleast 15 pounds and I finally decided to start doing something about it. I run but another thing to try is workout videos. 30 day shred or any of the Jillian Michael's one are fun! Well, as fun as working out can get. They're not very long either. Good luck and hope you achieve your goal!

    PS The bathing suit looks neon pink to me.

  25. Just found your blog!

    Good for you! I have to laugh because I am that "newlywed" girl too! I definitely gained some "love weight" and I'm working hard at getting back in shape!

  26. You look amazing! If that were my before pic, I would not be dreading it at all :)

    That being said. I understand the need to feel good, too. I am also getting in shape in 2013, and I wish you the best of luck!!!


  27. holy cow girl! you look awesome now! i do know what you mean though! good luck! :)


  28. I know two newlywed couples and both have said they have gained around 10 pounds post wedding. So I think you're on to something with the newlywed 10!

    And props to you for posting an unedited picture. I could never! Good luck!!

  29. O wow just stumbled across your blog, love it! So glad I found you, you still look great in your suit. But it's awesome you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle! I always visit Pinterest for awesome workout tips, tons in one place!

    Lots of bloggy love from:

  30. If i looked like you, I wouldn't be sorry either! You look fabulous! I'm not joking. it's ALWAYS good to get healthy, though. :) You can do it! And i think it's bright orange! :)

  31. AHhaha first of all you look BEAUTIFUL, but good for you!! I would be right by your side joining you if I weren't pregnant!!

  32. I think you look great! But I do know how you feel. Good luck, you got this. Look forward to hearing all about your progress!!

  33. We had one too many trips to Chipotle and Pizza places too. So sad about my body since marriage haha!

    Also, just wanted to let you know that you can stop following me at Life as Mrs Skinner and start following me at Texas Mrs: http://texasmrs.blogspot.com/ . I had to get a new blog due to my email address. Thanks!

  34. good luck, i am in the sammmmeee exact situation. perhaps i'll join in, but of course my husband would yell at me for posting pics of myself in a bathing suit online. i can't wait to see your progress! (<-- in a non-creepo way, actually that was really creepy i just wrote that) :)

  35. I haven't gained much since the wedding, but I have also had a hard time gaining weight. I would like to be more toned though and feel better about some areas.

    You should not dread your before picture. You still look good even after gaining the wedding weight that you say you have! I have the same swimsuit in yellow :)

  36. P90X is SOOOO intense..you'll be sure to drop the weight like no other! I am in college, so my weight fluctuates. it is all about being positive and you can do ANYTHING! i found recently however, that after eating healthy it is hard to go back! i don't work out as much as i should, but i eat healthy so that counts right? haha

    so excited to join your blog! hope you join back

    i'll be in touch!

  37. that is very much indeed brave of you to put a before picture up...however you still look fabulous. anywho...just found you through a friend, excited to get to know ya better!



  38. YOu got this girl friend! I know you will WORK it out!!!

  39. i know just what you are talking about!!! its so great to relax and enjoy tasty dinners with the new hubby but wow do the lbs start to add up! haha good luck to you!!

    new follower :)



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