Seven Days of Inspiration and a Giveaway Winner!

I woke up to a typical New England winter morning today....

the room felt darker than normal and I could hear the sounds of plows crashing around the parking lot of our condo complex. 

I peeked out my blinds to see about 4 inches of snow on my car and plenty more falling from the sky.

I didn't get angry, swear under my breath or stomp to the shower like usual....

Because I have seven more days.

As I was in the shower this morning shampooing my hair I had a million thoughts running through my head about what I needed to get done at work today. 
Would I have enough time to get it all done?
Would the traffic be horrible causing me to get to work late?

I didn't care at all though....

Because I have seven more days.

Remember this post HERE where I gave you all a little inspiration and told you to pursue what you love?
Well over the past few weeks things have changed a bit more and one thing lead to another and here I am....

Seven work days away from taking my own businesses full time.

I'm so thankful and excited that I have the opportunity to do what I love 5 days a week now rather than being stuck in a normal 8-5 routine.

Don't get me wrong...I'm still going to work hard (even harder than before) but I'm excited about it.
My marketing business, my blog design business and my event printable design business are all doing better than I ever expected and starting in February I'll be able to devote Monday through Friday to them all.

I remember a night about 3 years ago when I was driving home in my LONG commute from my job at an advertising network. I had worked a long 10 hour day posting campaigns and pulling analytic reporting and my head was spinning.

I turned on the radio and "Something More" by Sugarland was on.
I turned it up loud and told myself that sooner or later I'd give myself the opportunity to have something "more" than working in a cubicle every day.

Last night (3 years later) I was driving home from work and turned on my radio only to hear the same song. 
I'm sure I creeped out the driver next to me at a red light when I smiled bigger than the Cheshire cat and turned my radio up as loud as it could go.

So what is the point of all this you ask?

It's to inspire YOU!
(yes YOU!)

Give yourself what you want in life and don't settle...ever!

Now that you're all feeling inspired....

It's time to announce the winner of the Datevitation giveaway!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Send me an e-mail so I can give you the deets!

Until tomorrow, friends:)


  1. Congratulations!! Thats SO exciting!! :)

  2. Congrats girlie, so wonderfully exciting!

    Props to you for following your dreams!

    I know you're going to rock it out!


  3. Kudos to you for pursuing your dreams. I do find it crazy how God sends us signs sometimes, in the form of songs, or words, or a vision. Know that we will support you 100%

  4. That is so wonderful- no surprise that you're so successful! Your work is BEAUTIFUL! :) Congrats!

  5. how exhilarating!! :) good luck and congrats!

  6. I'm pretty sure that the man upstairs knew I needed to read this post today! Even more scary? I'm currently stuck in a job in advertising that sounds a lot like yours. I posted recently about how I was going to stop complaining about it and DO something about it, so that's what I'm doing right now. Figuring it out.

  7. I had no idea you had an Etsy store!! I love it!

  8. Congrats Shannon! It's going to be a wonderful experience! Not an easy one, but there I'm sure you can do this and more! :)

  9. congratulations shannon! i'm so excited for you! it makes a world of difference when your job is something that you love...it doesn't feel quite like a job then!

  10. Congratulations!! That's awesome news, so exciting!! :)

  11. This us SO exciting!!! I've wanted to start my own business for quite some time now. Maybe this will be my push. Way to go after your dreams!

  12. You rock shannon!! Way to go :)

  13. I am SO EXCITED for you, Shannon! That is seriously awesome, I'm really happy for you! Go for it woman!!

  14. Whenever songs I like come on the radio, I turn the volume knob usually more than a full turn and dance it out the whole song. The people staring, they're just jealous they aren't riding shot gun :) I hope that having your own business is everything you hope for!

  15. Congrats on going full-time with your own businesses!! :) So exciting!

  16. Awesome that you're able to be successful at something you love! Woohoo!

  17. ummm, jealous that you work from home now and started your own business!
    ....are you hiring yet!?

  18. Congrats to the winner!


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