Resolutions and Cat Toe Nails

Happy New Year, Everyone!
I know....I'm a little late.
But let me explain.
Since the day after Christmas M and I have been sick with the world's nastiest cold/flu type disease.
It's been horrible.
For the last 6 days we've been on the couch, using disgusting amounts of tissues and trying every cold pill that's on the market. Nothing has worked.
I can happily say that today I'm actually feeling a bit better hence the reason I'm writing this blog post for you all:)
New Years Eve/Day didn't allow much for a recap for all of you.
I don't have any fancy photos of me wearing a *2013* tiara or drinking champagne at midnight.
What I DO have is this...
Yes....I spent my New Years Eve day putting "Soft Claws" colored toe nail covers on my cats.....what of it?
After the cats toes looked nice and pretty M and I headed over to my sissy Michele's house to ring in 2013 (don't worry...she is sick too - we weren't going around spreading our diseases). Where we ate some takeout, played some board games and drank whiskey/cinnamon/honey cocktails to try and soothe our throats.
The other thing I'm here to share with you all today is my New Year's Resolutions....
So there they are....
You see number 1? Don't judge me based on today please....I'm sure cat toe nails and snots don't qualify as "better blog content"....so stay tuned for that one! You can expect more tutorials, less link ups and better quality photography....I promise.
Number 2....well I'm making my hubby take a "before" photo of me tonight so that I can put it up on the good ol blog tomorrow and all of you can force me to stick with it (great....as soon as I wrote that I'm immediately regretting it).
Number 3 seems odd right? I'm queen of NOT following recipes....and 50% of the time we pay for it....because my meals tend to taste like shit when I get lazy in the kitchen. So I'm going to do my part to play by the rules.
That's it for today, lovelies. Hope you're all enjoying 2013 thus far:)


  1. Happy New Year! Sounds like you had quite the NYE celebration :) Loving the resolutions. I tried P90x for a couple weeks and it worked, but it just took up a lot of time during my day. I definitely saw a difference! The yoga was the hardest for me and it was 90 min long! Good luck with your resolutions.


  2. I have the same experience with cooking as well! I enjoy baking and following those directions, but when it comes to meals, I just suck! That's a great resolution!

  3. I hope you continue to feel better--I heard on the news this morning that this year might be the worst flu season yet. Yay....ugh.
    I did the cat toe nails thing to my boyfriend in HS' cat. They were purple, and FABULOUS. Im pretty sure the cat hated it tho hahah.
    Lucky for you, I have lots of great recipes on my blog that you can easily follow directions to! And they are YUMMY....guaranteed NOT to taste like shit haha

  4. i'm dying -- your meals taste like shit.... bahahahaha.... don't worry homegirl, we've all been there!

    and glad you're finally feeling better! i was a wee bit sick after Christmas too and it was NO fun!

  5. You'll stop P90x when you reach the yoga DVD. Unless you're an olympic gymnast, then that shit is impossible.

  6. I hope you are feeling better! I have had a cold as well and I am hoping it is almost gone!

    Love those cat nails!! I thought you actually painted them!!

  7. sorry you were feeling sick! I feel like sooo many people were sick over the holidays! My mom had a really bad flu too! Glad you are feeling better - take it easy this week and rest!! :) Wishing you the best in 2013!! xoxo

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  9. I so approve of the honey/cinnamon/whiskey cocktails for "soothing" purposes :)

  10. Happy New Year! Glad to hear your feeling better!

    Those cat nails are hilarious!

  11. Glad to hear you are feeling better, girl. I was sick most of December and I know how you feel. There was a time that I even prayed the good Lord would take me so I didn't have to get up and do anything. I'm not much of a cat person/nor have I ever owned one so I cannot relate but the nails look cute. I love your New Years Resolutions. Random: I love the Stride Rite add that is under this post. My sister works there and gets me crazy discounts on Sperry's.

  12. We share a 2013 goal! I want to amp up my blog content too :) good luck!

  13. happy new year :)

    the cat toe nails are so funny !! bahaha are they okay for them to wear?? i'm assuming so if they are sold in the petstores- what exactly do they do??


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