My OCD Self Hates Me Right Now

Are you someone who is organized, clean and usually has your shit together?

Yea me too....until now.

The last couple of weeks I cannot seem to pull myself together and it's making me angry and very stressed out.

You see...I'm in this strange limbo in several aspects of my life...

Mike and I are planning to put our condo up for sale this spring. 
We've been talking to our realtor since right before Christmas. 
She's asked that we get everything organized, cleaned up and pack away all items we don't use on a daily basis so we can start the photography process for marketing our condo.

Why can't I get this done??

Since January 1st Mike and I have been sick on and off (who hasn't) and our weekends have been spent laying on the couch rather than tackling home organizing projects. 

It's driving me insane.

Also...I normally like to keep my house decorated nicely....but I have to keep telling myself...."Don't do that new home decor project you saw on Pinterest...it's pointless - you might be moving soon! You're supposed to be taking things OFF the walls not adding more stuff!!"

Does anyone else know how I feel?

Also...you all know that I've been working for myself 2 days a week since December....
....Well my home office looks like an episode of hoarders....
I'd show you a picture but I'm way too embarrassed.

Our wedding gifts are all over the room and it looks like I work in a Crate & Barrel factory rather than as a marketing consultant.
Also...I think every piece of junk mail since I moved to my condo 3 years ago is also floating around my home office....but I can't seem to get it cleaned up.

This is SO unlike me.

This is my last week working alone at my actual work office. 
I need to spend this week organizing all of the files on my work computer, getting documents ready to train my replacement and take home all of my little tchotchkes and knick knacks I have on my desk.

Do you think I've started this?

You know the answer.

I'm hoping once Mike beats this flu he has (and assuming I don't catch it) I'll be able to get my house and my life back in order.

Who knows...maybe this will allow for some interesting blog content if I find some unique ways to organize my life.

If I do I'll share....if you never hear about this again you can assume things aren't going well and you can plan an intervention.

Wish me luck.


  1. Is this why I haven't gotten an invite over to the condo in a while? :)

  2. I think it happens to everyone, ESP when you've been sick. There's just no motivation to do much other than try to get better.
    Hang in there, it'll get done!!

  3. Girl, I know how you feel. Here's hoping it all gets better.

  4. Its just the January blues.... yestereday was like the worst emotion day of the year or most depressing day according to science.... Its post holidays, and no other holiday on the horizon... we all get them just keep your head up!

  5. I know exactly how you feel - I've moved so many times over the last few years. You just get to a point where you think "What the heck is even the point in cleaning?" Haha! You'll make it through, even though its uncomfortable right now!

  6. good luck with everything shan! Take care of yourself first & then you can slowly take on the other projects - no one is superwoman dont be hard on yourself! :)

  7. Girl, im totally in the same boat as you... my problem is that i'll start to do it, and get about halfway thru and stop. then my "to do" list never gets things checked off!

    And we're not selling/moving yet. but because we're saving to do so, i refrain from all fun Pinterest projects and spending money on house stuff at all. Trying to "wait" to decorate for when we have a house and its worth it is so hard! Instead, i've turned my obsession to beauty product buying... figure the old barn can always use some new paint as mama june would say! LMAO

    If you figure out where to get some motivation to get your OCD self back, can you please mail me some too?

  8. I am SO the same way. At heart I'm a neat freak organized person, but I also get super lazy about it, so mostly I block it out or compartamentalize it and then when I start to think about it I wring my hands and want to call in sick and just DO IT ALL NOW. My "room" (the gust room is my closet) is a DISASTER and I hate it. wah!

  9. We're getting ready to put our house up for sale too and its so much more stressful than buying a house!

  10. I feel ya! I cannot pull it together with our house! I would be lying if I didn't say we had some Christmas decor still lingering!! Oops!

  11. Girl, I so understand your frustrations! I am a crazy neat freak... but sometimes I surprise myself and don't have the house organized. I think you should still make Pinterest projects (if it's stress free for you) and just save them for a new place. Good luck on everything :) xoxo

  12. Totally in the same boat....can't seem to get it together and just now took my Christmas tree down last week! Yikes! Property appraiser is here Friday, so I literally have to force myself to get it together in the next three days!

  13. Oh my! Good luck!! I can see your point with feeling completely chaotic because you have these projects you want to do, but realize that it's extremely pointless because you really need to be packing. I'd be doing the same thing!

  14. Wow...been there, done that! I remember it all too well and yes, you will get through it! Praying healing for you and your husband. Have a blessed week! Thanks for following...following you back.

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls


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