Getting Back in Shape....Week 2

It's about that time, friends.
Time to share my week 2 photo and let you all know how my progress is going!
Let me tell you it feels GREAT getting back into shape.
Hitting the gym, working out at home and eating a bit better has already helped make a change in the way I feel.
In the last week I've done a combination of some P90x with my hubby, been hitting the gym and have been drinking lots and lots of water!
You know what's been helping me with drinking my h20?
My bro in law gave me this Nalgene for Christmas and it really helps me guzzle down my water. I just fill it up twice a day to get my 64 oz.
You know what else I've fallen in love with again?
My green protein smoothies! I can't get enough of them! If you want the recipe you can visit this post HERE.
Believe it or not I've even cut down on my week night drinking! I've only had one cocktail since last Friday night...crazy right?

I know what some of you are thinking....you saw me tweeting about martinis Monday night...

Well it turns out after I tweeted this I didn't have any ice...so hubby made some ice....but by the time the Bachelor was over my ice STILL wasn't frozen. So it looks like I wasn't meant to have that Monday martini after all:(

Now before I show you all my "week 2" picture I need to go over some gym etiquette.
I've noticed a lot of little things that really annoy me at my gym this week and I feel the need to rant....so here goes....

1. If you are going to go a public gym please wear deodorant
2. Please don't take off your smelly work boots and leave them next to the elliptical I'm using
3. If I can see your butt cheeks...those are NOT gym shorts
4. Please don't sit on a machine for 10 minutes texting your friends rather than working out
5. Men...please don't grunt or flex your muscles in the mirror...save that for home
6. Read the signs....they all say WIPE DOWN MACHINES AFTER EACH USE
Ok....end rant.....
Now here is my pic for Week 2 (you can check out Week 1 HERE)
Please ignore my sans makeup face and dirty hair. Also...I am still happily married even though I look like this after the gym....I had just taken my wedding ring off to shower.
Oh...and please excuse the VS underwire bikini pushing my tatas up to my chin.
That is all:)
Let's hope week 3 brings similar results:)


  1. haha you just cracked me up! congrats on the great first week! I'm sooo on the same page about the gym pet peeves, especially the texting!

  2. You're looking great, girl! Keep it up!!!
    I've been trying to drink more water too, and been pretty good about it (which also means I'm running to the bathroom about 50 times more than usual) haha.
    I can't STAND when people smell at the gym. The gym at my complex is small, and there's this one guy who has come in a few times when Ive been there and he literally (no joke) smells like poop. And it smells up the WHOLE gym. I was next to him once and started to gag it was so bad. It happened the two times I saw him in there. GROSS!!!

  3. Looking good hollywood, you got this!

    I love your tweet :)!

    I've cut my wine intake during the week down, and I miss it, but know my body is happier.

    So crazy that just drinking more water makes us feel SO MUCH BETTER!

    Great gym rant! My rants are more about the locker room after, but I'll save everyone and not share that information....but ladies....ewww!

  4. You look awesome girl!!! I have been really good on diet so far, just need to step up my gym going, only been 2 times this week but hope to get in a 3.5 miler tomorrow outside! Fingers crossed :) It's so hard to give up my nightly glass of wine, but worth it! have a great weekend lady!

  5. looking good! You can add to that gym list: men who use the weights machines but really just look around to make sure people are watching them grunt and flex. omg.

    also, if I learned one thing from this post it's that I NEED one of those swim suits! ;-)

  6. Either the picture angles are just different or you need to share your inner thigh secret! Looking great lady. Wish my tots were that perky!

  7. Your gym pet peeves are my gym pet peeves. I'm gonna have to try your water trick. I don't consume near enough water.

  8. The last time I went to a gym I noticed an orange blonde on the elliptical. She was texting and clearly not using the machine... and that's not the worst part. She was wearing massive white sunglasses. I was waiting for her to take them off... and.. she.. didn't. She wore them the entire time.

  9. I completely agree with your little reminders to people who go to the gym. I get so annoyed when I see people talking on their phones while "lifting" weights...ummm what is that important?!?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!!


  10. Good Job! I too started eating better and working out this week, not sure my body looks different like yours in just a week but I do feel better! Kudos to you and keep it up! Keep telling myself the end result will so be worth it! :)

  11. Good job!!! You are motivating! Lookin' good! :)

  12. Awesome job girlie!
    I can't stand when guys wear strong cologne at the gym, I feel like I'm going to pass out next to them!
    I am cutting out drinking for about one month! Yikes, what was I thinking!

  13. Great job! I just went back and looked at week 1 and you can definitely tell a difference! And I loved your gym rant, I'm with on every.single.thing!

  14. You look SO great girl!!!!

  15. Seriously, it kills me when people walk up to the mirror, lift up their shirts, and check out their abs! Do they think no one can see them?! They look ridiculous...The gym, while it is my favorite place, can be sooo annoying!

  16. Wow you look amazing! It sure doesn't take you very long to show results. After reading your week 1 post, I feel the exact same way! Although, I'm not married. I must be getting really lazy. This post has definitely inspired me to get back at it! :)

  17. Umm you look awesome! I am also on health kick! Following you along on your journey! I'll have to try that dip you made:)

  18. Great job! It's amazing how making those adjustments in your diet & fitness plan really make a difference. I'm inspired. :)


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