Fitness and Smiles on Friday

Happy Friday, Lovelies!

We've made it through another work week:)

I'm sure you're all excited to see my week 3 progress and see how fit I am after just 3 weeks....(no, not really?)

Well you're not going to see a pic today.

Sorry to disappoint....but honestly....there isn't much of a change between week 2 and week 3.... AND I've realized I'd like to limit the number of bikini photos there are of me floating around the world wide web.

What I WILL tell you today is what I've been doing this week that has worked....

1. Replacing my normal breakfast with greek yogurt and black coffee
2. Eating whole grain cereal and drinking green smoothies for lunch
3. Eating dinner by 6:30 pm and not eating again after that
4. Working out my abs every day

I had  really missed doing ab workouts daily (I know I know...this sounds crazy right?) but it's true!
I stood in my bedroom last night and asked my hubby, "Does it look like my abs are coming back?"
he replied with "I dunno, did you ever lose them?"

But I can tell they are coming back!

You know who else I'm excited to see again??


Remember these posts HERE and HERE where I told you all about me and my sissy doing the 6 week Kettleworx challenge last year?

Well guess what? We're doing it again...starting February 4th!
As much of a tool as Ryan Shanahan can be...he kicks my buns with his kettleworx workouts for sure!

So you can all expect a before and after photo recap from my original week one to my new and improved me soon:)

Moving right along...

I'm going to leave you all on this fine Friday with.....

Me and my hubby dancing (if you can call it dancing) in the kitchen last night to this song after a bottle of wine...
(the farewell dance song from our wedding) 

This picture of Ryan Gosling...

An appointment with my hairdresser next Thursday to get REALLY blonde

The thought of the wine flights I'm going to be drinking tomorrow night at Napa East

This TwitConvo from last night...

Blaine's performance of "It's Time" on Glee"

That is all....TGIF:)


  1. I love that you and your hubby danced in the kitchen last night! Soo sweet!! Good luck with the kettlebell challange!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ray LaMontagne!

  3. I am sure that you are making progress! I have never heard this song before but can I just tell you how cute I think it is that you and your husband danced around in the kitchen last night! and Good luck on Sunday!!!

  4. I think I need to start putting some f your health tips into practice! Also I love that gLee clip!

    Xo, B

  5. umm you are doing amazing on your fitness and eating healthy stuff! way better than i am! and i adore blaine.

  6. Awe I bet you are your hubby are the cutest! YAY for Kettleworx!! I remember you loving it!

  7. LOVE that Ray song and isn't tipsy kitchen dancing the best? T actually enjoys it also after a couple glasses of wine :)

  8. Andy & I LOVE Impractical Jokers. HILARIOUS!!! Never fails I laugh hysterically every time it's on even if I have already seen that episode 6 times.

  9. Since Christmas, I've made it a goal of mine to do an ab workout at least every other night. Look up Amanda Russell on YouTube - she has some great videos! My favorite is her 6 minute abs - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjQHY2zKWeg... I just started doing it twice a night and I LOVE IT!

  10. Getting blonder is always a good thing!

  11. I love going blonde! I have never quite been there but I have had some feisty highlights!

  12. I started taking "progress pics" when I started CrossFit and those slowly stopped because I didn't want pictures all over the internet... I know the feeling!! Ha! and don't do abs everyday ;-) do them mon, wed, fri or something... those sassy things need a break!

  13. Awww dancing in the kitchen!! Love it!! So sweet :) Oh girl, good luck with the exercise!! I am in the process of the same thing. I would love to lose 20-25lbs! That is wonderful that you make yourself not eat after supper! That is hard for me but this week I have done well! We used to eat cereal every single night around 8:30-9, & I could't tell you the last time I did that! If I do get hungry, I'll just eat a little bit of yogurt, ha!

  14. Impractical jokers gives me an ab workout every time I watch it!

  15. It sounds like you are making great progress in both you eat and your workouts. I'm trying to eat better too. I challenged myself to go 30 days only eating meals I cook myself at home and I'm currently on day 20. Plus, I finally got myself back in the gym after being away from it far far too long.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  16. I LOVE Impractical Jokers! I could watch that show for hours! :)

  17. That is so awesome girl! I saw an infomercial on the kettleworx this weekend, I wondered if they actually worked. Looks like you are proof that they do! :) Love your blog, just found it today!


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