Tis the Season for Holiday Parties!

Don't you just love this time of year?

Seems like every weekend in December brings fun things to do! 
Parties, yankee swaps, dinners, seeing friends and family!

What does this mean?

We all need some fun holiday outfit ideas!!

There's nothing better than walking into a Christmas party wearing a great outfit and handing off a fabulous prezzy to the host....am I right?

Merry and Bright

Stars are Shining Brightly

Celebrate the Season

Celebrate the Season by shannflann featuring quilted handbags

Now that you're dressed to the nines....its time to pick up that special gift to give your hostess!

1. you can NEVER go wrong with a bottle of wine at a party. This is my go-to option

2. Know your hostess is a wino? Get her a fun Christmas wine glass for her to slug her vino in!

3. Does your hostess have a pet? Bring a gift for them too! They'll LOVE it!

4. Stop at your local bakery and pick up an assortment of holiday cookies for the party. These are easy to put out and easy to clean up for your hostess!

5. Pick up some holiday music to give your hostess as a cute little gift. Know that she loves A Charlie Brown Christmas? Pick up the soundtrack!

6. Pick up a pretty ornament or have one monogrammed for her!

7. Have a cheesecake factory or bakery nearby? A flavored holiday cheesecake is always a hit!

8. And who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries? They look pretty, taste delicious and make for a fun dessert!

Happy partying my lovelies! I can't wait to slug back some vino and eggnog this season.....Ho Ho Ho!
Have fun:)


  1. i LOVE these outfits and i'm hosting an xmas party this weekend, i MAY have to go shopping!!!

  2. sooo precious! I especially love the one with the skirt and tights!

  3. Is it sad that we have no holiday parties to go to? :(

  4. I love that glass!!

  5. Yep. Love them all. If only they could magically appear on my doorstep.. in my size. for free. Santa???

    xo, Emily

  6. Love the outfits, so festive! :)

  7. Great suggestions for hostess gifts! I agree- can't go wrong with wine and/or fun glasses to drink it out of!!! :)

    I have red pants that have gone missing lol- I MUST dig them out soon!!!

  8. I love the wine glass! Such a great idea for a hostess gift!

  9. I like the Merry & Bright outfit!

  10. Love this! And I really like the Stars are Shining Brightly outfit. I just found your blog- LOVE it, new follower! Hope you'll come stop by mine :) xo


  11. Oooh! I love the idea of bringing a hostess gift for the doggy! How sweet!


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