Secret Santa Swap Reveal!

It's about that time, lovelies!
Time to reveal what our pretty little Secret Santas sent us in the mail:)
I was so excited when I came home from the grocery store on a cold, rainy Monday afternoon to find a box in my mail room......... for MOI!

The lovely Kate from Green Fashionista sent me an AMAZING gift package that had a little bit of everything I love!

See what I mean??
A Starbucks travel mug, some delicious coffee, a pink picture frame, a yummy Christmasy-scented candle and a sparkly snowflake ornament.
Did she hit the nail on the head or what??
I couldn't wait to hang my new ornament from my Secret Santa on my tree....
See what I mean by not being able to wait?
I could have at least used the lint roller to remove the excessive amount of cat hair on my shirt before snapping this pic.
*Sigh* Don't judge
Oh well......the ornament still looks fantastic in its new home:)

Thank you SO much, Kate and thank you to everyone who participated in the Secret Santa Swap with Kaity, Syndal and I! Link up now to show everyone what you got:)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you got it and with plenty of time. Enjoy all your Christmas goodies! :)

  2. Still waiting on mine! Can't wait to link up!

  3. what a great gift! I love the ornament. Merry Christmas!


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