No Occasion is Too Small for Champagne

Do you consider every day a special occasion?

It might be annoying to some people, but I'm the girl who likes to celebrate little occasions.

You got a new dog? Let's get a drink!
You ran a 5k this morning? Let's get a steak dinner!
You tackled that huge pile of laundry in your basement? That deserves a bottle of champagne!

I'm also the girl who likes to do a toast with every drink I get at the bar (Carol from RHONY would HATE me).

I like to think that there can be a reason to celebrate something every day...even if its something little.

Last night M and I were all dressed and ready to go to M's brother's birthday dinner.
Only problem was..... we got ready an hour too early....so what'd we do?

We headed to the bar at the restaurant for a toast!!

You see....Mike has been taking this horrible finance class in his masters program and yesterday he took his final exam and got a B....so I thought.....That deserves a little prosecco and a toast!

Why not, right?

As we sat at the bar and enjoyed our "Sunday bubbles" the hostess walked up...

HOSTESS: "I'm sorry to interrupt you since this look like a very special occasion, but I just wanted to let you know that your table is ready."

ME: "Thank you!" We will come see you when we're finished!"

Did I correct her and tell her that it WASN'T a special occasion?

In my mind every day is a special occasion:)

This is where we ended our night....where I also caught my boots on fire....but that's another story for another day:)

Happy Monday, Lovelies


  1. I'm 100% with you! Champs for any occasion, why not make everything special!?!?

    And yes, I'm a cheerser too !

  2. ha I like your way of thinking!!! Fun!

  3. Absolutely!! Champagne is always necessary and every day is a very special occassion!!

  4. Love your attitude! I definitely need to celebrate the little things more as special occassions!

  5. I am definitely the girl who cheers/toasts to just about anything and everything. Makes life seem a little sweeter when you can recognize and appreciate the little things!

  6. My mom always makes us clink our glasses when we sit down at dinner! haha
    Ps- don't scare me with MBA finance courses! Is he going to SNHU?

    Need to hear your boots story ASAP

  7. a girl after my own heart! :) champagne is always the right answer! Your boots caught on fire?!?! lol!

  8. I drink champagne all the time!! I kind of drive my friends crazy but I don't care because 1. it's my favorite drink and 2. I like you think that you need to celebrate the little things- not just the big ones!

  9. What a great attitude to have, love it! I've been keeping a few bottles of champagne and/or wine on hand for this very reason.

    And congrats to your husband on his exam! My H is in grad school as well and some of those courses are grueling. *Cheers*

  10. That's the perfect attitude to have! I love to celebrate stuff, no matter how big or small. We're always finding reasons to cheers/celebrate in our house too :)

  11. great attitude! love champagne and celebrating!

  12. LOVE this! I always have a bottle in the fridge because you never know when you may need it. For example, today wasn't as bad as yesterday? Reason to celebrate!

  13. This is my life philosophy too! Love it!

    Xo, B

  14. I find reasons for champagne at every turn!

  15. I'm that girl too! I love celebrating everything & anything!

  16. I just came across your blog and love the layout!

    ...and i believe in champagne for anything :)


  17. I totally agree - champagne fits any occasion.

  18. Such a great outlook!! I feel the same way :)

  19. Seriously want to hear how you caught your boots on fire - haha!

  20. I swiffered my floors today - let's celebrate!

  21. I tend to have a bottle in the fridge at all times ... you never know when you want to pop it

  22. Love this quote and love champagne!! Every day is a special occasion!

  23. every day IS a special one. love it!

  24. Oh I can't wait to hear that story! I think everyday should be celebrated too, but I don't like to drink, so I am just high on life ;)


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