Monthly Beauty Product Review

So I was at a Christmas party last weekend and my friend Tamra said

"You need to do more beauty posts on your blog"

(Hi Tam!!)

So......this one's for you, girl!!!

If you ladies know me....You know I love me some Bed Head Products.
I think at this point I've tried them all....no lie! 
This one is the "Spoil Me Defrizzer, Smoother and Instant Restyler" and let me tell you...it does its job and MORE! 
This is one of those hair products that you can use for more than one purpose....Who doesn't love those???
I use this magic potion when my hair is damp (before blowdrying) to defrizz my locks. I ALSO use it if I'm trying to get a second day out of my blow out....spritz a little on your mane and you can instantly restyle it (and it smells great too!)

Garnier BB Cream......In my opinion....save your hard earned dollahs (please read with a Boston accent) on this one, ladies....ESPECIALLY if you have a light complexion. The color came out sort of orangey for me and it had a glimmer effect to it (think the inside of a seashell). Pretty at the beach....not so pretty on my face.
I guess the longer you use this stuff the more it improves your skin....but I didn't like it enough to wear it more than 3 days.

Finally I have the "Custom Eyes" collection by e.l.f.
We all LOVE e.l.f....its cheap, its good quality and its fun.....but they've brought my obsession to a new level when they created the Custom Eyes palette. You see....I HATE when I have to buy an eye shadow palette that has 6 colors in it JUST to get ONE that goes well with my eyes (#blueeyeproblems)

With this little compact you buy your own inserts to make your own palette....GENIUS! 
And.....the inserts are only $1!! Best deal you've heard all day?? 
You're welcome:)


  1. First off that Bed Head bottle looks like something you would buy @ a Porn shop... AND I love my E.L.F compact - that was the best idea ever!

  2. i didnt know elf came out with that! i'm going to check it out very soon :D

  3. GAH, you and the bed head reviews! I love the products but my wallet does NOT love the price. Guess I have a new one to try ;)!

    LOVE ELF!!! I agree, love having the ability to mix and match! xoxo

  4. Love ELF! I'm going to check that out!

  5. Have you tried the bed head dry shampoo? I thrive off of mine!!! I will have to give this product a whirl too!

  6. I did not know e.l.f. came out with that! Very awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  7. ohhh... I need to check out the bed head. Restyling is definitely a must.

  8. Ahh! Love it! Thanks Shann! :) -Tam

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  10. e.l.f. is absolutely awesome and I think I need that product STAT! it's genius! (I've got brown eye probz!)

  11. Glad I am not the only one who thinks you should save your money on the Ganier BB Cream -- I have very light skin and it made me look jaundice!

  12. I've heard great things about ELF! I gotta try it!!!

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  14. I didn't knew about the new thing about elf but it sounds great! Thank you for the information :) I found your blog by hasard and I really loved it!

    I'm your newest follower :) I'll be comming back to see what's new up here.
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    Kiss!! :)



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