I'm Dreaming...of a New Home Office!

So one of my favorite past times is house hunting online.

I'm addicted.

We are about 3-4 months away from putting our condo up for sale but I still enjoy looking....nothing wrong with that.

Now that I work for myself a couple days a week, visions of beautiful home offices dance in my head at night. 

Do I want my office to be girly?
Do I want it to be bright?
Do I want it to have leather bound books and smell like rich mahogany?

Probably not the latter.

Right now I work in my loft above my bedroom which isn't bad....but ever since our wedding it looks like I work in a Crate and Barrel factory. I'm being invaded by giant black and white boxes!! 
I can't wait to find a house that has a spare bedroom I can turn into a beautiful home office.

Especially since I have this brand new 23 inch HP computer to play on:)

My "Feels Like Home" board on Pinterest has been seeing a lot of action lately.

Here are my home office inspirations...

Source: bhg.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: ciiwa.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Which inspiration is your favorite??

I'm thinking its a close tie between the yellow chevron chair room and the turquoise and white room.

Weigh in and give me your opinion!!

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Until tomorrow, lovelies:)


  1. Those are all beautiful, but I'm partial to the pink choice :)!


  2. Ugh I sooo want to make a real home office too! You just made it worse :)

  3. Aww I love them all! I think no matter what you pick it's going to be beautiful!!! My favorite is the grey & white with pink/red curtains & then the turquoise & white one! :)

  4. Love the last one!! And the grey and pink!

  5. I think I like the black and white curly design with green accents!

  6. my husband and I have been looking too. I'm addicted as well. :)

  7. Love the grey and pink office, but I also love the yellow and white chevron chair!!

    I am a new follower!!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello sometime!

  8. Oh I love the fourth one. It looks so relaxing!

    Just found your blog and it is darling! Now following!


  9. I love the light blue and white! So pretty!

  10. I am a total sucker for Chevron! I am LOVIN' that chair and need it in my house, stat!


  11. Ahh I love that yellowish gold leafy branch thing?

    And of course the grey and pink one. Duh :)

  12. I think the last 3 are my favorite! I'm a real estate agent so I spend alllll day looking at houses it's soo hard not to want to buy all of them!! I probably email my husband 2-3 times a week with a house that I love

  13. I randomly search for houses in TX even though we are not living there right now!
    I love the pink and grey one, it seems calm. But then I also like the one with orange chairs because its bright and cheery!

  14. Love love LOVE that chevron chair. I need it!

    Anyways I'm a new follower :) Love your blog!


  15. I love the Turquoise and white! For now, I like to snuggle in my bed or on the couch with my laptop, but I guess I might eventually transition to an office. Especially if it looked like one of these!

  16. They really are all nice .... I do especially like the black & white with the green chair

  17. Gorgeous office inspiration! Love the desk under the window :)

  18. Uh.. LOVE all those offices. I'm looking at inspiration for my craft room (which is a tiny corner) but I love the yellow chev & the black and white ones the most. Soooo pretty.

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  19. jealous... i would love to work from home! your blog is too cute :)



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