Christmas in a Flash


Can you believe Christmas is over?

We had an extra week to celebrate this year since Turkey Day came early and STILL I feel like the whole bless-ed season FLEW by like a flash.

Where does the time go?

Who agrees with me that there is nothing more depressing than tossing out the Christmas tree and putting away all of the beautiful, sparkly Christmas decor?

I get so sad.....but there's always next year....and I'm sure I'll get LOTS of new decorations to display for Christmas 2013:)

How was everyone's holiday weekend?

I have spent the last several days hanging out with my friends and family, celebrating my niece Maddy's 1st birthday, drinking lots of wine and egg nog and just basking in the holiday glow.

See for yourself...

me and my besties

how cute are we?

me and the birthday girl

I tried taking a "our first married Christmas" photo with Mike yesterday but after 3 failed attempts and some serious under-eye baggage we agreed to say "screw it."

Here are some "snaps" from my iPhone as well...

And of course there were presents....lots and lots of wonderful presents!

Am I spoiled or what? My hubby and family really know how to make me one happy girl!

As much as I hate that Christmas is over....there's always something exciting about getting closer to a brand new year with brand new excitement.

I'm eager to see what's in store for 2013:)


  1. I got some of the stress relief line from bath and body works too! It smells amazing :D

  2. We have never had pictures together either for the past three years. Oh well ;)

  3. Those pictures are cute of you and the girls!

    You made out nice for Christmas!!!

    Glad you had a good one.

  4. you are sooo gorgeous shan!! And looks like you got some pretty awesome Christmas gifts! lucky lady! :)

  5. I am SO sad too!! Can't take it down until new year's though! Don't want any ba luck!

  6. The Christmas hangover makes me sad too :(!

    I keep my tree up until Epiphany, just because.

    Merry Christmas friend!



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