A Post For Inspiration

So this week is an exciting one for me.

Why, you ask?

Well because I officially started my "new work schedule."

You know all those motivational posts I've written in the past about following your dreams and living the life you want to live and all that crap?

Well this girl finally listened to her own advice.

Starting this week I officially work for myself 2 days a week.

A while back I realized......I spend 5 days a week working at a desk....within gray cubicle walls....where I have a designated time I have to arrive and a designated time I'm allowed to leave.

I can't live that way until I get to the ripe old age of retirement.....I just can't.

I've had a lot of crazy ideas in the past for what I wanted to do for work...and back in July one idea in particular 100% made sense to me. It was like a real light bulb lit up above my head when the idea struck me.

I decided that I wanted to become a marketing consultant for local businesses in my area.

After some thinking, some hard work and a couple signed contracts with amazing clients.....BAM.....here I am!

Yesterday marked my first day of my first week in this exciting new challenge and I couldn't be happier.

I woke up yesterday, made myself a pot of coffee, started the day with a yoga class to cleanse my mind, did a little Christmas shopping then got to work in my home office (while blasting Christmas tunes of course).

So listen to me, friends.....

If you have an idea for something you want to do....try it!

Who cares what other people think.
Who cares if there are risks.
Who cares if it doesn't go as planned...you can always try something else!

I was the girl 3 years ago that was SO jealous of other people who took risks like this one.
I just finally decided to stop being jealous of those people....and to actually BE one of those people.

I'm going to leave you all today with a little inspiration from Mr. Steve Jobs....because I can't say it better myself....


  1. Congratulations! So happy for you!

  2. Congratulations on taking a chance and starting something that is going better for you. Best of luck!

  3. This is such a great post! I admire you very much!!!! Good luck with it all! :)

  4. congrats. love this post. good luck!

    i love that dreams dont work unless you do quote! did you write that on the chalkboard?

  5. That is awesome, good luck in your new endeavors!

  6. that is soooo awesome shannon!!! happy for you girl!

  7. Congrats! That is great! Working from the comfort of your home has to be wonderful!! You could work in your pj's if you wanted to!! xoxo

  8. Love this post! You go girl! I've recently opened up a graphic design + photography business and who would have THOUGHT it last year when I was miserable teaching with an infant at home. Now I get to design, take pics, and be with my baby girl. There is nothing better!

  9. Congratulations girl!! How exciting!! I try to work from home at least 1 day a week and it is so nice!

  10. Well done! Hope your new dream is a huge success!

  11. Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!!


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