What's On Your Bucket List?....3 Month Check-In!!

What's On Your Bucket List?

It's that time, ladies!!

It has been 3 months since we wrote our original bucket lists!!

If you're new to this link-up, go ahead and create your own bucket list today and we'll check in with you in ONE MONTH to see how well you're doing on completing all of your life goals:)

As a reminder....here at Page:Twenty-Two, bucket lists aren't morbid....they're a fun way to organize all of the fun and exciting things you want to do in the near future.

Page: Twenty-Two

Here is my Bucket List updated for you lovelies after 3 months....

I added lots of new items to my list....why not, right?
There are so many fun things I want to see and do!

This month I was only able to cross off 1 item....

...but it sure was a fun one to cross off!


I teamed up with the Traveling Vineyard to host a wine tasting right in my home.
If any of you ladies have a Traveling Vineyard rep in your area I HIGHLY suggest you book an event.

We had SO much fun! 
I invited 11 ladies over.... we were able to try 5 wines, learn about the steps of wine tasting and how to pair foods with wine. We had a lot of laughs, drank delicious vino and we were able to purchase the bottles we enjoyed at the end of the night!

Here is some proof:)

Okay lovelies...

It's your turn to show me what you've crossed off your bucket lists this month!

Have at it....


  1. love your wine glass necklace haha, obviously a must-have accessory for such an event :) I am very jealous that you've already partied on a roof top by the way!

  2. Haha, love that you have wine glass necklaces too! Never heard of being able to host a party like that, great idea!! :)

  3. So much fun!! How did you create your bucket list? Photoshop??

  4. This is such a good idea, to actually do a follow-up on your bucket list. Not to mention that you've done so many things on your list ... very cool

  5. Never heard of Traveling Vineyard, but what a cool concept!


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