What Is In My Carry On??

Well it's officially cold in New England....

I was in a rush to get to work this morning and walked out to see about 2 inches of frost caked on my car windows.

I open my trunk....no scraper.

I get in my car, crank the defroster and flick the button for some wiper fluid......no fluid.

So I sat for 15 minutes and waited for my windows to clear up and dreamed about being on the beaches in Hawaii. I wish I could pack up and go back there right now:)

Head on over to Life's A Beach to find out what I pack in my carry on when I fly!!


  1. Cute e-card. I do hate summer heat. I do enjoy the cold to a certain point though. I wasn't ready for the 20 degree feel this morning, though.

  2. Oh my goodness, it was SO cold this morning here. I think this morning was the coldest it's been yet this year. I had frost on my windows too. Shame. I'm with you on dreaming about warm weather and beaches. Is it Spring/Summer yet?? :)

  3. that just sounds awful. i am way to familiar with days likethat! and i wish you posted this carry on post last week because i just went for a weekend trip to see family and would have loved to read it :)

  4. No fun at all! Keep dreaming of Hawaii though, that can any of us feel better :) Found your blog through your guest post at Kristen's blog.

  5. barf - nothing about that sounds fun at all. stay warm!

  6. I'm loving this weather :) I am not missing the summer heat yet........maybe another month & it will be a different story! Why are you always losing your scraper?! Maybe there will be one in your stocking this year!


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