Top 5 Fridays!

So I'm not gonna lie....Fun Photo Fridays is dunzo.

I ran out of fun photos (that are appropriate to show in the blog world) and I just wasn't feeling it anymore....

So I introduce to you all


You can link up if you want to...you can click the little "x" in the top of your browser right now if you want to.....but I'm going to list my top 5's on Fridays from now on:)

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Today's Topic: Top 5 Favorite Reality Shows

Here are mine...in no particular order

1. The Bachelor

Lezbihonest....who ISN'T excited to see Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor? I mean really. I also love the Bachelorette....these 2 shows are a team and they are making my top 5 together. Nothing better than watching heartbreak, tears, awkward dates and beautiful gowns all in one show.

2. Real Housewives of New Jersey

I know I'm not alone on this one. Who doesn't love the ladies of the Garden State? They are incredibly entertaining and this past season was a complete train wreck...in a good way! I love to hate Teresa Giudice and I am already anticipating next season.

3. Dance Moms

Oh Abby...you've made your way into my heart and you're not going anywhere anytime soon. I really don't know why I love this show...it doesn't have the sex, the lies and the f bombs that some of my other favs have, but I love watching it and get really mad at my DVR when he forgets to record it.

4. The Challenge

I've been a "Challenge" girl for years...but this year? Who the hell are these clowns? I'm not a fan of the "next generation".....except for Zach....he can stay....the rest of them can vamoose. Where the hell are CT and Kenny and Johnny Bananas? And when can we get a Coral sighting again? Come on MTV...get your shit together.

5. Real Housewives of New York

Andy Cohen is a brilliant man.....he really is. He brings so much joy and entertainment to my life. He's done it again with the Real Housewives of New York (don't for a second think that I don't watch ALL seasons of the RH - these are just my 2 favs). I will ride the Ramonacoaster into the ground with this series....I love the ladies of the Big Apple!

Okay friends....it's your turn. Link up! Or don't....either way....enjoy your weekend:)


  1. I'm so stoked that you did this because I was legit going to do a Top 5 today! Definitely linking up :)

    Also, I miss Evan and Paula. Johnny Bananas can stay retired as far as I'm concerned. Lol

  2. I'm with you on the Real Housewives of anywhere - except I don't do Miami. I love Beverly Hills and Atlanta - both of which are currently on.

  3. Guuuurl! Dance Moms? Holla! I love that show..though I rarely admit to watching it cause I get some nasty looks. Haha. And yes to the Challenge. I need some Kenny in my life ;) He was the first guido as far as I'm concerned!

  4. Obsessed with RH...however I wish Ramona would go away and Theresa could figure out her life. I love NJ, but I sometimes feel bad for her family!


  5. soooo excited for the bachelor!! can't wait!

  6. I haven't watched the Challenge is about forever. Mostly because I want more CT and Coral! Completely obsessed with RHONJ, Beverly Hills and Orange County.

  7. oooh I will def link up this friday!! love it

  8. I cannot wait for the Bachelor to start again! I'm counting down the days!

  9. I don't watch any of those, but I hear they are popular...especially in the blog world!! ;)


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