Santa, Can You Hear Me?

It's about that time, friends....

....time to write the 'ol Christmas list! 

Mike and I walked the mall this past weekend and I couldn't stop saying things like

"Oooo I love!"
"Oooo that's nice!"

So without further adieu
 here's my list for 2012....

1. A Rose Gold Watch

2. A new MK purse in BLACK

3. A nap blanket....I LOVE to use a blanket when I'm curled up on the couch!

4. Some cowgirl boots....yes, even us Boston girls can be country!

5. Hoop earrings...in silver!

6. A new wool coat...in any color....I'd love red...or camel!

7. New bras from VS....I NEED these!

8. My favorite scent again....in candles and air fresheners!

9. Moroccan Oil products!

10. Work out clothes!

So how'd i do this year?
I'm sure between now and Christmas I'll think of other things......but for now this list satisfies my hunger:)

Tell me....what's on YOUR Christmas list this year?!


  1. That is a great list ... Love the watch!

  2. No matter where you're from - all girls need cowboy boots in their collection!

  3. I love the coat. I asked for a coat and some stuff for the house!

  4. loving the boots! i live in the south and i'll never forget when i was 17 (in 2007) i went to boston and i literally had people laughing at me and pointing when i wore my cowboy boots that look just like those! maybe they just knew i was from the south :P
    well i'm your newest follower! looking forward to future posts!

  5. Yes Boston girls CAN be country!! Love those boots!

  6. great list!! I haven't even started thinking of mine - oops!! Moroccan oil is the best! I need to re-stock mine as well

  7. I'll keep this list in mind when I'm doing my shopping :)

  8. you'd love this rose gold locket too! http://ktaylor.origamiowl.com/shop/product/?id=7B1331E9A531F7FE

    great list you got going!

  9. i love seeing others christmas lists!! it give me some great ideas!!

  10. Good list! Love all the stuff! I should probably let you know that if you don't get any of the VS or bath & body works stuff, message me - you'll have my email with this comment. I can get ya a hook up :) Or maybe now before the holidays would work better?!

  11. I love all things Rose Gold! I should really add some to my list.


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