My Thanksgiving Weekend...Via Instagram!

It's Tuesday and I think I've finally recovered from having so many glorious days off from work!

It's a chilly morning in the Boston area and there are some snow flurries falling down. I'm listening to some Christmas tunes in my ear buds and can't help but smile today.

I can't help but smile because...

I slept an hour past my alarm this morning
I love the Christmas season more than any other time of year
I did 90% of my Christmas shopping yesterday on "Cyber Monday"
I have some big changes happening in my life....starting next week!

I'll share with you all then:)

Until then.....

Why not show you all how my amazing Thanksgiving weekend went?

With pictures of course!

{yummy desserts at Friendsgiving}

{lots of laughs...and wine....hence the blurry photo...oops!}

{what Thanksgiving morning looked like for Mike and I}

{Me and my beautiful niece and Goddaughter Maddy on Thanksgiving}

{Obviously we picked out our tree first thing Friday morning...here's the winner!}

 {put out my decorations as we waited for the branches to fall}

 {one of my favorites....Thank you, Home Goods!}

 {this was originally a centerpiece from our wedding...it gets changed every season}

{the tree all decked out...isn't he glorious? Can you spot Ralphie?}

{our newest ornament}

{the townhouse all decked out for the holidays}

{Buzz, you're girlfriend....WOOF!}

{bought these amazing BCBG pumps}

{actually styled my hair after my new haircut...YIKES it still feels so short!!}

{pretended we were Victoria and Conrad Grayson while out to dinner}

 {ended the weekend with a nice surprise from mom and dad...yum!!}

How was YOUR Thanksgiving weekend!?


  1. your hair looks sooo good! i love it! and your tree is fantastic. looks like a great time!

  2. Your hair looks AWESOME (come make mine look that pretty!! haha). Looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I'm loving your winter/holiday decorations, too!

  3. Sounds like a great thanksgiving holiday! Your hair looks so cute!

  4. I was waiting for your weekend via instagram...I did spot Ralphie next to the tree :)I need to come over and see your tree in person !!

  5. Your niece, adorable! Love all your Christmas decorations, they look great :)

  6. Your tree looks lovely!
    Like the new hair!

  7. Love love love love all of the Christmas decorations! So beautiful!

    Your hair is gorgeous and I love your wedding corner, precious!

    OHEMGOSH, when C and I were in bean town we randomly went to mike's....AMAZEBALLS! So flippin' good!

  8. I love your newest ornament! I need to find one like that :) Oh, and the townhouse, gorgeous!

  9. Your townhouse is beautiful!! And, well, so are you! Hope you're feeling better. xox!!

  10. LOVE the hair!!! I think it looks great, not too short at all! And loving the house! So festive :)

  11. What a fun holiday! Your hair looks awesome! I am getting a fresh cut this Saturday and can't wait! It's always a great feeling! CANNOT wait to watch Home Alone! :)

  12. Looks like you had a good weekend. You Goddaughter is so adorable. And pretending to be the Graysons at dinner - love it. I am obsessed with Revenge!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love that you already bought your tree, we're getting ours this weekend. So funny to pretend to be The Grayson's! I love Revenge.

  14. This is just so much goodness in one post! I love Rudoplh figurines, just love. And Home Alone of course. And your curly hair. And the newest family ornament. Yayyy for Christmas :)

  15. girl 90% of it done?? I envy you that is awesome!! Big changes? Can't wait to hear what it is!! :) Your weekend looked lovely and I am still LOVING your hair - it looks awesome on you!

  16. hi!i'm new here and I was just wondering how you got that paragraph on your wedding photo??? i love it!!!! i'm off too scan thru your blog!!:)

  17. Your hair looks great!!! And your home looks so cute and cozy :)


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