My Blogoversary AND Fun Photo Fridays!

Happy 1 year of blogging to ME!

So a little over a year ago I used to read all sorts of DIY, fashion and lifestyle blogs and then on November 2, 2011 it hit me.....I SHOULD DO THIS TOO!

I never in a million years thought I'd stick with it or that anyone would actually want to read this blog but I am so happy to be here writing this post 1 year later:)

So thank you to YOU if you are reading this right now!!!

Moving right along....

....everyone should check out Kelly's blog for some awesome Fall posts this week!
You can check out my post on Fall fashion tomorrow....when you're laying in bed hungover perhaps?

Now its time for....


Link up with me!

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So tell me...

If you could transport yourself from wherever you are right now back into the moment of one of your favorite photographs which one would it be??

In honor of the NBA Season starting
 I'm jumping back into this photo....

As many of you know, I am a HUGE Celtics fan. M and I actually met at a Celtics game and he used to be a season ticket holder. This picture was taken our first night out in Boston after we both turned 21.
We had left the bar and demanded we go and visit Red Auerbach and talk to him about the '07/'08 season.

Did we drink too many red bull and vodkas and think Red could actually hear us?
Did we have a great time being young, 21 and in the city?

Now it's your turn....SHOW ME YOUR PICTURES!


  1. Happy blogiversary to you!!! I've loved reading your blog so Im glad that you decided to do it! :)

  2. Happy Happy blogiversary to you sweet sweet friend!

    I've loved reading your blog and watching you plan your wedding and then becoming a Mrs.


  3. happy blogoversary! :) Have a great Friday! :)

  4. Wow you look so happy with your party hat on! I love how Mike looks so "gangsta" in that pic! You still look the same...

  5. LOL to the pic of you guys ;) Crazy that NBA has already started-- I'm still enjoying mostly football for now, but I'll gradually start following my fave teams!!

    Happy 1 year of blogging!!

  6. happy anniversary! mine was yesterday, almost birthday twins!

  7. Happy Blogiversary!!! I forgot about mine! Whoops.

  8. Happy Blogoversary girl! Love your blog!


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