Who Wants an Ad Slot AND a Curling Wand??

So when I first started this little ol' blog I wasn't sure how to find other blogs to follow.

Basically I found a couple I liked and then went over to their side bar and clicked on the buttons of their sponsors to find more.

It was like an addiction! 

I loved clicking and clicking until I found lots of blogging beauties to follow!

Well.....I want to host your button on Page:Twenty-Two so your little ol' blog can get found the same way!

Sound good?

If you answered YES to the above question and want to run your button on my sidebar for the next 30 glorious days....check out my NEW advertising page....HERE!


There are still 4 days left to enter my Birthday Giveaway!!!

until tomorrow, lovelies:)

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  1. I love that cat with the billboard belly :) and I want that wand!


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