A fresh manicure
James Morrison's voice
Thoughts of Salem, MA in October
An appointment for a haircut
The crisp fall New England air
New opportunities and challenges
Getting holiday catalogs in the mail
Pumpkin scented candles
Blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt
There are 60 Days until Christmas
The new mix CD in my car
Down comforters
A good night's sleep
Watching the sunrise as I get ready for the day
There's one more "wake up" until the weekend


  1. Love love love Salem in the Fall!!! Also looking forward to the weekend for some much needed sleep! Enjoy your day!

  2. The waking up part is always the worst for me. Once I'm up, I'm great. It's just that initial time where I'd rather die than wake up ;)

    & James Morrison's voice is so soothing and beautiful. I've been trying to catch him in concert over the past few years but he is never in the states :(

  3. It's still pitch black when I wake up in the mornings ... but the view from my office window is quite something today.

    Going to the hairdresser always makes me happy!

    Have a great day!

  4. I like this happy post! I am with you on Holiday catalogs!

  5. Great post! 60 days till Xmas yikes!!! I love Blueberry Oikos greek yogurt!

  6. Mani's and fresh haircut on the horizon?! Girl- you are speaking my language!!! ;)

    I'm actually off tomorrow so this is my Friday! AH, that just hit me! lol :)

  7. Christmas in 2 months wooohooo!!!!

    Mani's are the best! xoxo

  8. Oh wow you are going to Salem?? That is awesome. I have always wanted to.

  9. I just started to panic about Christmas. ONLY 60 DAYS LEFT?!


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