Skinny Taco Salads and Ombre Birthday Cake!

Hi my name is Shannon....

....and I'm a blog design change addict.

So are you noticing the change around here again??

Something didn't feel right with my last design....the coral and gray combination was starting to make me depressed and I needed more color.

What do you think? 
Did you like the old design better? 
Is this one tickling your fancy??

Well don't get too attached...because knowing my behavior this one will probably be gone in a month or so:)

Moving right along...

It's time to show you all what's been happening in my kitchen!!

First up....

Skinny Taco Salads!

So have you all seen these little taco bowl pans??
They are great!!

Here are the steps....

1. Bake a couple wheat wraps in your taco bowl pan in the oven for about 10 minutes (at 325 degrees)
You don't need to spray the pan or butter the wraps!

2. Start warming up your chicken short cuts in a pan

3. When the shells are done baking they will stand up on their own! Fill them with ALL of the rest of the ingredients you see above!

These are DELICIOUS and you don't have to feel guilty about eating the whole shell because it's not fried!!

Next up...

Ombre Birthday Cake!

Here are the steps....

1. Mix up your cake batter according to the instructions on the box

2. Add a couple drops of red food coloring to the batter...mix and poor into one pan. Add a couple more drops of food coloring to the remaining batter...mix and poor into the next cake pan. You'll want the 3rd cake to be dark so add several more drops of coloring to the batter before you fill the last pan! Bake the cakes as directed.

3. Cut the bubble part off of each cake after they cool. Put the lightest of the 3 cakes on the bottom, top with frosting, add the darker one, add more frosting on top, add the darkest cake and "crumb coat" the cake.

4. After your crumb coated cake has cooled in the fridge for about 30 minutes you can put the final layer of frosting on top and decorate as you want!! I have a Pampered Chef frosting gun (shown above) which I LOVE! It makes decorating sooo easy:)

Here is a great article from good old Martha that shows you how to assemble a layer cake in more detail:)

Happy Cooking and Baking, lovelies:)
If you bake an ombre cake...send me pictures!!


  1. I'm loving this design, the color is so fun!

    That cake looks amazing! xoxo

  2. Love the new design!! Bright pops of color are just what everyone needs!! I'm slowly learning more about html/design but WOW, big props to people who know it as well as you do! LOL

  3. Pretty and a lot easier/simpler than the rainbow cake :)

  4. I like the WILD design :) and I didn't know you were such a talented baker - should I put you in charge of Maddy's 1st birthday cake?

  5. cute design. i love the added touch of color.
    that cake looks delish. i may make it this weekend for my dad's birthday!

  6. love the new look!

    and now i am starving! i need tacos and birthday cake!

  7. your blog always looks great I especially LOVE this new look! :) yummy that taco salad looks amazing I may have to try!!!

  8. Mmmm those taco bowls look great!! I want one now!
    I love the colors on your blog! So pretty!!! :)

  9. I did not know those taco shell pans existed?! WHERE CAN I GET ONE!? This is genius! Who knew you were a chef?

  10. I like the new blog design! I'm with you on adding color. When I decide to redo my blog I want lots of color added.

    Tacos are one of my favorite meals. I have thought about getting those bowl pan things for a different way of eat them!

  11. I like this one but I liked the other one better ;) That cake looks amazing!

  12. I love the new design!! So cute! and that cake is awesome!

  13. You make this ombre thing sound way easy! (i think i was over doing it in my head)
    I like the new design. But I liked the old one too. It reminded me of your wedding pics. Very summerish.

  14. I love your new design! It's so much brighter and colorful.

  15. I love the new layout love the colors!

  16. that is awesome, i never knew about crumb coating!
    the cake looks yummy!

  17. Well, I know what I'm cooking this weekend!
    Love the new site design :)

  18. I love that cake and have been drooling over it since the first time you posted it lol !


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