Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays!

Happy Hump Day!!

Are ya ready to see this week's snazzy pins??

Here we go...

Source: theknot.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Also...before we leave each other today...

Don't forget, lovelies!

Friday is Bucket List Check-In Day!

If you're new to this link up, create your bucket list and show it off on Friday!! 
If you've been participating all along, it's time to show off everything you've crossed off!

You can find my original Bucket List posts HERE and HERE if you want to get an idea what this is all about:)

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Until tomorrow:)


  1. Loving those dark green pants up there! I want a pair badlyyyy, but I'm determined to drop a few pounds before I let myself do any more shopping for awhile ;)

    Also-- that Ursula cartoon is HILARIOUS.

  2. I LOVE that outfit pin, so simple but so cute for Fall.

  3. That mimosa bar is SUCH a great idea for a brunch - I love it! Also - Mama Bear aka JUNE looks JUST like Ursula LOL !

  4. I love the two revenge pins! I just love that show! Is it just me or did all the characters get way hotter this season? Can't wait for Sunday! Have a good Wednesday! Thanks for the comment :)

  5. You have just gone to the top of my list! I love your blog!!! Those green pants are to die for!! The outfit goes perfectly with it! Darren Chris is just an absolute god! That pin about honey boo boos mom is hilarious! & a mimosa bar?! Count me in! (;

    Happy Hump day! Definitely a new follower <3

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love <33


  6. I love the outfit pin and the Honey Boo Boo pin the best. Too freaking funny!!

  7. That mimosa bar is even cuter than the cute one I have pinned! I actually ALMOST did one last weekend but our plans changed. SOON! :)

  8. How awesome would a mimosa bar be! I watch Revenge and I LOVE Nolan! I love his witty comments! I am so glad he got a haircut this year too. He looks much better! That honey boo boo pic is hilarious even though I've never watched the show.

  9. I died at the June Booboo-Ursula comparison. Sounds about right!

  10. Mimosa bar- great idea!! LOVE that someecard- I need a Nolan in my life!

  11. hahaha oooo mama june.....

    xo, sarah grace

  12. dyinggg at the honey boo boo mama picture!!!! hope you are having a great week girlie! :)

  13. Love this idea of the bucket list. Def will be joining.



  14. thanks for stopping by my blog! love all of these pins .. especially the mimosa bar ;) just might need to use that one for my next girls get together! xo


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