My Weekend Via Instagram

Hi and Happy Monday!!

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was filled with lots and lots of birthday festivities!

This weekend I celebrated with 2 of my favorite ladies as they turned the big 2-7!!

Let's let the instagram photos do the talkin':)

{drank some 32 oz brews out of mason jars}

{celebrated with some lovely ladies at Toby Keith's}

{watched Eleni blow out her bday candles}

{great times with great friends}

{attempted an ombre birthday cake for Jack}

{and dominated it....more on this tomorrow!!}

{watched a little Hocus Pocus}

{watched Jackie blow out her bday candles}

How did you spend YOUR weekend?


  1. Looks like a very fun weekend! The cake looks AWESOME! Oh, and I used the curling wand for the first time this morning and it is simply AMAZING! I couldn't ever master the "loose waves" with a curling iron, but the wand did the trick! Thank you so, so much!!

  2. I am very impressed with your cake :) It came out so great!

  3. love when Halloween rolls around and Hocus Pocus is on every channel! Looks you had a delicious weekend between cake and a mason jar beverage :)

  4. well look at you ms martha stewart!! That cake looks like perfection!!! That is awesome. I still haven't watched hocus pocus this year.. I need to get on that! have a great week shannon!! xoxo

  5. Looks like a really fun filled weekend! I'm intrigued to hear about this ombre cake!

  6. FUN! I love birthdays! Can't wait to see the cake :)

  7. Pretty cake! I def watched Hocus Pocus this weekend too!

  8. the cake looks yummy!! i love love love hocus pocus!! Looks like you had a great weekend.

  9. Girl I totally got my Hocus Pocus on this weekend too! Love it!

  10. errrrrrmaaaagah, that cake looks amazing delish! How does everyone else watch all the cute Halloween movies and I've not caught a single one!

  11. What a fun weekend! That cake looks Amazing! Like literally looks like you bought it from a store! Nice work! I watched Hocus Pocus this weekend too!

  12. ohhh excited to see the cake!

  13. what a fun weekend!! girl time + birthday cake is always enjoyable :)


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