Interesting Facts About Scary Movies

It's that time of year....

....time for me to avoid watching scary movies as much as possible.

When I was younger I was obsessed with scary movies....OBSESSED
(M and I actually went to see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on our very first date....kinda creepy right??)

As a kid my friends and I used to watch The Craft and try and have fake seances complete with candles and spooky music. Every year near Halloween we could all be found sleeping over someone's house in the neighborhood watching the Halloween movies and those other terrifying ones with Jason Voorhies.

I want to know what changed...because I can't figure it out.

Did movies just get TOO scary?
Did they get a little TOO real?

The time I stopped enjoying scary flicks was right around the time Saw came out....
I was terrified of it and couldn't sleep for weeks in fear I'd wake up in some dirty old public bathroom chained to a wall.

Where am I going with this you ask? 

Well I checked out an article on The Chive this morning that gave me some fun facts about spooky movies and I think you'd all enjoy reading them in spirit of the season!

You can check out the full article HERE but scroll down for some of my favs:)

How would you honestly feel if your face was used as the mask for the scariest psycho killer of all time??

They wanted Leonardo and ended up with Omri Katz??
What the hell ever HAPPENED to Omri Katz anyway? Anyone know?

I'm already terrified enough of Tom Cruise as it is...I don't need him to have scissors for hands.

I love a good Nick Carter sighting....no matter how small

I don't know how I feel about this one. It sort of makes me mad. I love the Sanderson Sisters so much so the thought of one of them being replaced...by Rosie O'Donnell nonetheless, is irritating...and sorry Rosie...in my book you're WAY scarier than all of these witches.

*Fun fact for you....2 of my besties and I dressed up as the Sanderson sisters for our 12th grade Halloween Dance....can you guess who was who??

Happy Halloween season, lovelies:) Hope you can sleep tonight.


  1. I can't watch scary movies and have never been able to. I tried the Craft and then dreamt of snakes in my room, even Hocus Zpocus terrified me when I was little! I hate October! Lol

  2. I don't really enjoy scary movies either--at least not the super gross, torture people kind. The paranormal activity ones interest me because of the creepy factor, but stuff like Saw I can't handle. I don't like watching people being tortured.
    Side note....MG and my first movie date was to see Contagion. Now if THATS not romantic, I dunno what is...lol

  3. Haha! I LOVE scary movies. I think the ones that scare me the most are the ones that dont have scary monsters. The Strangers is a really scary one to me.

  4. Eeek EEeeek EEEk! I hate scary movies toooo!!!


    Love Hocus Pocus, the best! xoxo

  5. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Poor William Shatner - who knew his face has been terrifying people for decades?! Hocus Pocus is a classic - Justin has never seen it so I think I might have to buy it so we can watch it this year :) You and I may be sisters but we couldn't be more different when it comes to scary movies - I could watch them all day long! P.S. - have you ever seen The Strangers with Liv Tyler??? THAT MOVIE SCARED ME SO MUCH - I ALMOST COULDN'T FINISH WATCHING!!!

  6. Cool facts! I think I had heard the Shatner mask thing but I didn't know they offered Tom batshitcrazy Cruise Ed scissor hands! Depp was made for that role!

  7. I agree completely with you!! I am so terrified of scary movies! My girlfriends and I wanted to dress up as the Sanderson sisters this year! You had to have been Sarah! I love all the facts, thanks!
    Do Dallas Cheap

  8. I hate scary movies. Absolutely hate them. Even a movie like hocus pocus freaks me out. So all the pictures you included in this post were terrifying to me!!! The mask from Halloween movie...I had to quickly scroll pass it. And the Blair Witch Project picture ekkk!! I've never even seen that movie, but just the thought sends chills down my spine.

  9. I can't watch scary movies, but my husband loves them! I think it's because they have become so graphic and the fact that I can't watch someone saw their own limb off. I agree that Rosie can't be a Sanderson Sister. It's about time for me to watch Hocus Pocus again.

  10. I came across your blog while looking for movies to watch this Halloween, and I have to say some of these facts are hilarious. I might have to watch a couple of these movies just to see if I can pick out your facts, especially when it comes to Edward Scissorhands. I’m having the marathon with a friend I work with at DISH, and she loves Nick Carter, so we’re definitely going to have to try to find him in the movie. It’s available from Blockbuster @Home, so I’ll have to rent it. They ship fast enough that we should have the movie in plenty of time for our Halloween marathon, and my friend will have fun picking Carter out. Thanks for the facts, and the movie idea!

  11. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor! ;-)



  12. Movies definitely got wayyyy scarier! Steve and I have been watching the old Friday the 13th movies this week and they are so not scary!
    Its funny that they were considered to be horrifying back then though
    Enjoy your weekend


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