How I Survived Hurricane Sandy...

So yesterday I left work early and headed home before hurricane Sandy was strong enough to blow my car off the road. 
I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few essentials (Tostitos, queso, hummus and Wheat Thins) and was nearly knocked over by the wind gusts as I ran to my car.

I got in the house, did a quick load of laundry, ran the dishwasher and started cooking some chicken enchiladas.

Hubby got home early and we decided we better wolf down our enchiladas while they were still warm and while we still had some electricity. 

So we sit on the couch, get comfy and decide to catch up on last week's episode of Nashville.

It started getting good....Juliette Barnes and Deacon Claybourne were naked in bed together and...

BOOM....the power goes out...

Then like a flash the power was back....

....then BOOM it was gone again.

This happened on and off about 12 times until finally at 5:20 pm it was out for good. 
Hubby raced over to our wine fridge in a panic to get the essentials....a bottle of sauvignon blanc and 2 glasses.

We finished our bottle of wine by 6:10pm....

.....and didn't know what to do.....

So we tried sitting by candlelight and talking....

.....then I had a genius idea.....

I remembered that this glorious basket of nips was in our liquor cabinet!!!

So we said "cheers" and threw some of these back just like the good old college days....

....and were passed out at 8:30 pm......

And at 6:30 am today I was woken up by the blasting sound of the TV downstairs and all of the lights in my bedroom shining on my face.

We survived the wrath of Sandy:)


  1. We were lucky we didnt lose power. I hated the hurricane for many reasons! Have a good day!

  2. sounds like an amazing way to weather the storm!! glad you survived :)
    we were in a state of emergency yesterday afternoon til this morning, but we didn't get anything more than a slight rain and a little puffs of wind. I'm thanking my lucky stars! The storm pretty much circled right around my city, happy to hear that you guys faired pretty well too!

    xo michelle

  3. This made me laugh! Sometimes nothing beats a lil nip and a long nap!

  4. Now that is a good way to wait out the wrath of Sandy! Glad you guys are okay

  5. Haha, I have to say my hubby and I would have done the same thing! Gotta save the alcohol ;) And I am OBSESSED with Nashville... hope you get to catch up! Does your husband watch it with you? I'm still trying to convince mine it's not a total girlie show.

  6. Sounds like you made the most of it! =)


  7. I love this! too funny! glad you are safe & sound! my bestie in boston told me it was really really windy there - if it was windy here i can only imagine there!

  8. So glad to hear that you guys are ok! I like your way of staying busy ;-)

  9. hehe, such a cute post!

    i'm glad that you are alright!

  10. Ha!! I love that you busted out the alcohol. Adorable!!

    Meghan @ Shine On

  11. I love your drinking idea - we would have done the same thing! Glad you're safe & sound!

  12. hahahah I like how you decided to weather the storm! Luckily we didn't lose power, just had a couple of flickers. We went to our friend's place next door and played card games last night while we watched the winds and rains whip around. Its cold as balls out here now and still raining, but nothing major, thankfully!!

  13. HA!!! This is awesome and hysterical!!! I love it. So glad y'all are OK and I am loving Nashville too!!!

  14. Glad that you two are safe! We didn't loose power thank goodness the wind was crazy though I am suprised that we didn't! I love that you two drank like back in college days and thats worst when the power goes out and you forget you have stuff on.

  15. I wonder if there are going to be an increase in babies born 9 months from now...lots of people with no power usually equals one thing....

  16. Haha! What a genius idea!


  17. haha this is awesome!! sounds like a good idea to me!

  18. We didn't loose power either ... My only regret was that I had nothing to bake!!! I coulda used a brownie last night ;) Glad you are safe!

  19. Sounds like you guys had the perfect night. It's so awesome when you just have a night with no TV and only focus on each other. Sure some power would have been nice, but it looks like you guys managed and had fun with it all :)

  20. Haha, this is hilarious!! I can't think of a better way to pass the time waiting for the power to come back on! :)

  21. If I am ever in a hurricane I now know how to survive thanks to you! Side note, I am glad you survived.

  22. Glad you survived! We never lost power....xoxo

  23. Hahaha glad you broke out the mini bottles!! Looks like the perfect way to ride out the storm

  24. You are so lucky to have your power back already. We've been out since about 3 Monday and they are saying about a week or so till we get back.

  25. that is awesome... i wish we had boozed it up. we lost power around 9pm monday and have been out for 5 days now. they're saying to expect another 7-10 days before they can fix it. Jersey got hit a lot harder though than where you are... now there are no liquor stores even open to booze it up. i was not prepared. LOL


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