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So tell me...

If you could transport yourself from wherever you are right now back into the moment of one of your favorite photographs which one would it be??

Today I'm jumping back into this photo....

I just let my friend borrow that dress (above) for her trip to Vegas and it made me realize how much I loved it and how I haven't worn it in a while. So I want to jump into an awesome night I had....in that dress.

This was taken at one of my favorite lady's 21st birthday party in college. We all went down to Foxwoods Resort and Casino to help the baby of the group ring in her 21st bday!!! We gambled, drank, danced and even drank a few bottles of free champagne from a creepy Hugh Heffner Wannabe....those were the days:)

Now it's time to show me your pictures!!! GO!


  1. On an unrelated note- LOVE your new layout!

  2. Such a cute dress! Looks like you girls were have a ton of fun :)


  3. I am extremely jealous of your always perfect hair!! :)

  4. That dress is uber cute! I'm happy that you brought this link up back! I will be linking up next week for sure! Have a great weekend!


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