Eff, Marry, Kill....Part Deux!

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday:)

I know I promised you all a blog post about the delicious ombre birthday cake I whipped up this weekend but it's going to have to wait...

...because THIS girl can't pass up the opportunity for a good old Eff, Marry, Kill with Michelle and Heather....

So that's what's happening!!

The first Eff, Marry, Kill post I did was one of my favorite posts ever....if you want to get warmed up and play along with that post you can read it HERE.

Okay ladies here we go!

In the spirit of spooky movie season I bring you....

Now this is the fun thing about this game....I like to challenge myself with my choices.....I honestly never know how this is going to play out until I REALLY sit and think about it. 

It really was a toss up....

Then I watched this....

....and Mark Wahlberg has put me under his spell again just like a young, naive Reese Witherspoon.

So here are the results....

Eff- Sebastian Valmont 
Marry - David McCall
Kill- Billy Loomis

I knew who I was going to kill from the start. Poor Billy Loomis didn't stand a chance. 
His torn-out photo from Teen Beat didn't hang on my wall for very long back in the 90's. Not only is he a pretty bad actor in Scream, his character tries to kill his own girlfriend. 

I'm not into that.

The other two were a toss up.....it really could have gone either way.

The 90's girl in me would have married Sebastian Valmont but the 2012 girl is telling me the creepy relationship he has with his step sis (aka Sarah Michelle Gellar) makes him worthy of only one night.....

I mean...who cares if David McCall wants to stalk me, trash my dad's car and tattoo "Shannon 4 Eva" on his chest....

...with those abs he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Okay...Have at it, ladies!! How do these guys measure up in your opinion??


  1. HAHA love the choices here. I think I'd marry Sebastian though. I love Ryan!

  2. Haha love this!! I'm sorry but I loved Cruel Intentions so I think I have to marry Sebastian!
    Marry- Sebastian Valmont, Eff - David McCall, Kill- Billy Loomis

  3. OOOh love Mark... to this day!

  4. Bahaha!! FEAR is so creepy but that roller coaster scene *fans face*....yeah, you picked well, there. ;)

    And the reference to Teen Beat gave me a very painful stab of nostalgia as I pictured my walls at summer camp--totally plastered with the face of ...Edward Furlong. Bahaha!! Oh, how my tastes have changed! Except for Mark Whalburg, of course. Like you said, the abs pretty much speak for themselves.

  5. woo girl, I don't know if I am brave enough to marry David haha, so I think i'd Eff him, Marry Sebastian (homie had some money, so I could put up with the weird step-sibling relationship I think) and Kill Billy.

  6. Boy, those are some tough choices! I agree with your kill... I'd have to think long and hard about the Eff and Marry... but my gut tells me that I'd pick the same as you.
    PS - he wrote Ang on his abs... NOT Shannon! (we can fight about it if you want!!) ;)

  7. never heard of this linkup, I am definetly doing it next time it comes around! So fun!

  8. I have never watched Fear but after watching that clip its on my must view list! Good choices! I would have to agree with you totally!

  9. Fear is probably the best movie ever made & that tat of "Shannon" on Marky Mark's chest is killing me LOL ! This was great - I am still laughing :)

  10. ...with those abs he can do whatever the hell he wants.

    Yes! Yes! and Yes! I love me some Marky Mark.

    That clip makes me want to watch Fear.


  11. Hmm I'd Eff David McCall, Marry Sebastien (money, and he's a changed man) and kill Billy...though I kinda would want to eff him first!

  12. Hahaha I LOVE your picks and reasoning...

    Sebastian, so yummy!

  13. Hahaha couldn't have said it better!!! Love the "Shannon" on his chest heheh love it!! Thanks for the good laugh.


  14. oh my lord. this is so awesome. haha i laughed out loud!!

  15. okay this is just plain AWESOME. I would have never thought of doing this category!

    "torn-out photo from Teen Beat " one word: [you are] HILARIOUS

    and sebastions creepy relationship with sarah michelle was totally WEIRDO. i dont care if they weren't actually related thats just wrong!

  16. I totally agree! I forgot about these guys! haha

  17. Excellent choices!!! Mmm, those abs get me every time.

    Stopping by from E, M, K... Fun!

  18. Love it, and agree with all your choices!

  19. I definitely was expecting to read about a cake today, but I have to admit...this is so much better!

  20. Great choices! Mmmm Mark Wahlberg! Thanks for following me, I'm now following you too!
    Amy :)

  21. I love your choices! Fear is one of my favorite movies. Found you through the link-up!


  22. LMAO!!!!! I love all of your choices!!!

  23. Awesome, awesome theme! And I totally agree with your choices!

    Stopping by from the linkup! :)
    Easily Entertained

  24. Creepy choices!! I'd eff Mark Walhberg and kill the other two ;)


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