Another Simple DIY and Its OK Thursdays!

Hi Friends!

Happy Thursday to you all:)

Remember this post HERE where I told you all about the fun scrapbook paper craft I created for my bedroom decor?

Well that same scrapbook paper has come in handy AGAIN!

Next to my vanity I have a white, plastic set of drawers where I keep my makeup, hairdryer, perfumes etc.
I HATED the way it looked....absolutely HATED it.

The clear front to the drawers showed off my messy makeup and the plastic just looked cheap to me.

I needed to think of a way to dress this chest of drawers up.


That same green leafy scrapbook paper was the answer!!!

I simply cut the paper in the shape of the drawer, put it inside and taped it securely!
It was the perfect solution!

Who knew scrapbook paper could have so many uses??

Moving right along...

Time for Its Ok Thursdays!

So Its Ok...

That my work week is 3 days long this week and it still feels like an eternity.

That I'm leaving tomorrow for California and haven't even thought about packing one thing!

That pumpkin coffee has served as my breakfast for the last 3 days.

That I snoozed so many times this morning that I ended up coming into work at 8 instead of 7:(

That I can't decide who my favorite is on X Factor this year....this time last year I was already LOVING Drew Ryniewicz and Josh Krajcik!

That's all for today, folks!! Don't forget to prepare your bucket lists for tomorrow!!!

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  1. Wow that looks so good - I didn't know you were so crafty! I hate when you can see messy makeup!

  2. LOVE the scrapbook on the drawer front idea...I might have to do that too!!! And if it makes you feel any better I have substituted pumpkin coffee for breakfast for the past week :/

  3. Such a nifty idea, thanks for sharing!

    Good luck packing, I'm the worst ;)

  4. I like that idea for the storage system. I have one at work and I could use something on the front so the kids I work with can't see what things I have in there (usually my snacks and things haha).
    Hope you have an awesome trip to Cali!

  5. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing:) Have a Fab time in CA!! So jealous, bring a tan back for me please!



  6. I LOVE that idea with the plastic drawers. I too have one in my bedroom and I love it because it holds so much stuff, but it's such an eyesore. I'm definitely going to check out some scrapbook paper next time I am at the store and do this :)

  7. I love the X Factor but can't stand the girl with the fake tattoos on her face! Good singer but bad attitude! Hope your having a good day!

  8. I'm jealous you get to go to Cali?! Business or pleasure? I would totally hit the snooze alarm too! I don't blame you!

  9. love that, how creative!

    Have a great day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com & say hello!

  10. Love that idea for the plastic drawers! I need to do this for one we have in our closest!


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