What's On YOUR Bucket List_Link Up Check In!

What's On Your Bucket List?

It's that time, ladies!!

Can you believe it's already been a month since we wrote our bucket lists?

If you're new to this link-up, go ahead and create your own bucket list today and we'll check in with you in ONE MONTH to see how well you're doing on completing all of your life goals:)

As a reminder....here at Page:Twenty-Two, bucket lists aren't morbid....they're a fun way to organize all of the fun and exciting things you want to do in the near future.

Page: Twenty-Two

Here is my original bucket list....
......one month later.....

What do you think? 
I'd say I NAILED IT!!
7 check marks in one month?? I'll take it, ladies!

Here's my proof....

Cook Fish At Home
Sadly I did not photograph my delicious fish. But I can do you one better.....I can share the recipe I used for salmon steaks:) You can find the recipe for my mustard-glazed salmon HERE

Go to a Sporting Event....In Another City

Bake a Birthday Cake

Finish Remodeling My Bathroom

Save More $$$
I'm not going to show you guys a pic of my bank statement....but I will tell you all 
that M and I decided to be responsible little savers and started moving a big chunk of my 
paycheck to our savings account every time I get paid....and we haven't touched it surprisingly...makes me feel good to see all of that cash money in a good place (that's not my closet)!!

Keep Fresh Flowers in the House

Party on a Rooftop 
I might be stretching this one a tad....but who cares...I make the rules around here....it may not have been a party but me and some of my favorite girls hung out, drank sangria and smoked a stogie on my friend Faye's roof in Boston last month....This counts right??

So I still have a ways to go but I made a good dent in my list. I think I may try and tackle the dirty martini either tonight or this weekend. Sounds great right?

Link up, lovielies!! I wanna see those bucket lists!!!

The next check-in will be Monday October 15th!


  1. You go girl (: you're making so much progress with your list. At this rate, you'll have to make a new one pretty soon!

  2. Oh also, I don't know if you noticed this or not but this blog post isn't appearing for today's posts. I guess when you posted it by accident a day ago, the little picture/description thing stayed in Thursdays' Newsfeed. I don't know, maybe you wanted it like that? But if you didn't all you have to do is edit this blog, click on the html, copy the code and then post it in a new blog! Just so it appears in todays newsfeed ((:

  3. my bucket list seems to grow everyday!!!!
    but i guess it gives me something to look forward to doing!


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Newest follower! Great bucket list!



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