My September Beauty Wish List!

My beauty wish list is growing these days and I wanted to share with you all the items I'm dying to try and hopefully can get my hands on soon. Once I do I'm going to give a full review and recap!

Has anyone tried these items? If you have....give me the scoop before I spend my hard earned dolla's on this loot!!

1.) Tan Towels - These things say "look good naked" right on the packaging so they must be great, right?? I mean...who WOULDN'T want to look good naked? I have a friend who SWEARS by tanning towels and she is always glowing. I need to get my hands on some of these and test them out! Anyone tried this brand?

2.) Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand - I've tried a couple of curling wands in the past but I don't like the ones that are skinnier at one end and fatter at the other (is there a technical term for this?) It looks like Bed Head has come out with a good looking wand and I want to get my paws on it!! Much to my husband's dismay I collect hair styling tools and have a whole closet full of them! 

3.) Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil - So I was at ViaStyle Beauty the other day walking around and the sales guy was raving about this stuff. He told me "this oil looks great on a blonde!" I immediately thought he was just trying to sell me something expensive and left....but now I WANT it! My hair always needs a little extra oil after styling!

4.) Sephora's Beauty Blender - This little sponge looks like it does miracles while applying foundation....does it? Who's tried it? Should I be spending my precious pennies on this little pink applicator? 

5.) Garnier BB Cream - This stuff uses the word "miracle" in its name. It's called the "miracle skin perfector." Well who wouldn't want a miracle? I sure do! My friend Jack asked me the other day if I had tried this out yet and ever since I've been stalking it online. Any thoughts?

6.) Bath & Body Stress Relief Body Wash - When I was in San Diego in July the concierge desk at our hotel had this Eucolyptus and Spearmint stress relief lotion. Every time we walked through the lobby Mike and I would stop and use it. I NEED to get this in a body wash. Imagine how nice the scent will be while taking a hot shower then climbing into bed??? Mmmm I can almost smell it:)

What's on your beauty wish list?? 
Share new products with me! I'd love to hear/read about them!


  1. I use te Loreal tan towels and I love them. They are pretty cheap too ($10 for a box of 6). Meg O did a review on the beauty blender and from what I remember she like the stipple brush better. I've tried the target version blender and I wasn't a fan of it. But I'm a sucker for anything from sephora

    1. Thanks for the info, girl!! This is helpful! I'll have to look for the Loreal tanning towels - sounds like a great deal!

  2. Hey pretty girl! I've tried both The Beauty Blender and a knock off that I found on ebay for like $2.99. I really didn't notice a difference between the 2 so I would suggest trying out the cheap one first :)

  3. I haven't tried the pink blender, but have heard many makeup artists prefer the sponges and brushes. I can't find the article, but remember one artist saying the cheap sponges actually cover more than the egg applicators.

    I don't use anything, but that is just what I heard :)! Can't wait to hear about the wand, I want!


  4. I haven't tried that brand of tanning towels, but another brand and the smell was awful on my skin! I think I just react funny to sunless tanning products anyway, but I couldn't wash the smell off fast enough. However, the color was great!

  5. Tan towels! I love tan towels and this is a great product. However, L'Oreal also make tan cloths that work just the same (and they are a lot cheaper). They are also bigger than the tan towel brand so you can just one for your whole body! I would definitely use this brand if I had a never ending flow of cash but the L'oreal do the trick for me! :)


  6. Love Tan towels!! Thanks Clarissa, I will have to try the L'Oreal ones and compare:)

  7. We have very similar wish lists! I have been dying to try the Bumble & Bumble hair oil, and the Beauty Blender... and I keep hearing the Tan Towels are amazing! And now after seeing this post I really want the Bed Head curling wand!

  8. The BB cream has blown up everywhere so I definitely need to try it!

  9. I use that BB cream. I wouldn't exactly say it's a miracle but I do like it. It gives a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. I'm also curious about that curling wand! I'm a new follower :)

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  10. Loreal tanning wipes are really good and so are Comodynes!!
    Did you use photo bucket to create that beauty list? I need a new photo editing program....any suggestions??

  11. LOVE tan towels! You have to get that brand exactly- no knock offs- they are great and give you the perfect glow without looking orange.

  12. I love my beauty blender. It makes your makeup look very airbrushed! I've heard bad things about the Garnier BB cream, I personally love the NARs one. Love that those curling wands have a bigger end because mine is all the same width and it makes my hair have really tight curls. It's pretty but I only do it for special occasions.

  13. I haven't heard of any of these products? If you do the tanning wipes let me know how they work! (Would they leave streaks, etc) I am looking to do those especially since it wouldn't cost as much as tanning!!

  14. The tan towels are amazeballs! I'm very fair and they give me a natural glow without leaving orange streaks. Save your money and don't buy the beauty blender or the garnier bb cream, I own both and consider them wastes of money. The beauty blender doesn't work as well as a stippling brush. The bb cream from garnier leaves a yellowish tint and doesn't come in enough shades to find a good color match. I would recommend Dr.Jart bb cream.

  15. eucalyptus is the most calming scent ever.... honestly, the second I smell it I want to take a nap :)

  16. mmm, that body wash sound heavenly! i may have to get some of that if it helps with stress.


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