My Playlist and A Growing Portfolio

Who else out there uses music to get through their work week?

Whether its on Pandora, Spotify or iTunes...we all have a playlist of songs that make us smile and helps the work day go by a bit faster.

Here are the tunes that are currently making the girl behind THIS blog shimmy at her desk....

So tell me....

What's on YOUR playlist??
I'd love to add new music to mine!

In other news....

I'm excited to say that my blog design portfolio is growing!!

If you are interested in beautifying your blog take a look at my SKILLZ.....

Make sure you click on the images above to check out the blogs of these AWESOME ladies!!!

I did each one of these designs in about 24 hours. 
When I want something I want it NOW so that's the way I work. 

Who's next?

Is it you? 

Shannon Page Design


  1. You are so very talented! Love these designs! Hmmmm ... you've got me thinking now.

  2. Great work!
    Check out Alabama Shakes "hold on", Keane "spiraling" and Jack White "doorbell" if you haven't already! Some of my faves.

  3. Yay for a growing portfolio, your work is awesome! :)

    And I'm always jamming to Pandora to get things going at work. I LOVE Flo + the machine, and lately I've been jamming to the song "Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon!

  4. Those designs look great! I will be sure to keep you in mind when I'm ready for an update!

  5. All of your designs look great! I'll keep you in min when I'm ready for a re-do!

  6. I don't know what it is about country music, but I just love how it's so genuine and real. I listen to Carrie Underwood (duh!) and Miranda Lambert while working out. One of my favs is Fastest Girl in Town and Before He Cheats. But don't get me wrong...I listen to all types of music. Girl, I couldn't even begin to tell you what's on my playlist because I have such a wide range of music...maybe I'll do a post about it too!

    Those designs are really good! WIsh I would've known before I redesigned my blog! Took me 3 days!! I'd rather leave the dirty work to those who enjoy doing it. Lol! :)

    Well at least I know now so I can keep that in mind for next time I want a blog makeover. Trust me it won't be long.


  7. Holy cow! 24 hours is definitely a quick turnover! Mine took a few weeks, and there were TWO bloggers working together. Haha.

  8. My sister just did my layout, if she hadn't I would have gotten you to do it! Those all look great.


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